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White Buddha of Long Son Pagoda in Nha Trang, Vietnam

At the top of the hill at Long Song Pagoda (Temple), founded in the late 19th century, is a massive white
statue of Buddha sitting atop a lotus blossom and can be seen from afar. There are 150 stone
steps to reach the top.

Thuy Nga is among many local and overseas visitors paying respect to the Buddha.

Long Son Pagoda, built in 1886, features stunning designs of mosaic dragons made with glass and
ceramic tiles while the main sanctuary is adorned with modern interpretations of traditional motifs.

Nha Trang . Vietnam | 2019
11 Dec 2019

Island Hopping off Nha Trang, Vietnam

The clear turquoise water in Nha Trang Bay offers great opportunities for island hopping boat trips.

Pretty Hon Mun Island (Ebony Island) is the most famous snorkeling and dive site. But visibility
is poor in Dec to Feb.

Hon Mun Island . Vietnam | 2019
10 Dec 2019

Vietnamese Ladies in Ao Dai

Three ladies clad in Ao Dai, the traditional national dress of Vietnam, a tight-fitting silk tunic worn
over trousers, in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

The word 'ao dai' was originally applied to the outfit worn at the court of the Nguyen Lords at Hue
in the 18th century.

Nha Trang . Vietnam | 2019
9 Dec 2019

108 Piggie/Pepe Heads Join Dec 8 March Flooding Hong Kong Island

The Civil Hunan Rights Front (CHRF) initiated the International Human Rights Day March
on Sunday on December 8. Massive crowd gathered at 2 pm, and started marching at
3 pm from Victoria Park to Chater Road.The Assembly has arranged 200 pickets. This
is the first time that the CHRF march has been approved since 21 July.

The network station 'Sing Jai' has previously recruited a group of volunteers, including
designers and professional craftsmen, and produced 108 fiberglass Pepe and Piggie
masks, to be used during the march. The sponsor, Lau Sai-leung, said: 'I hope to tell
the world with a humorous, confident, and relaxed manner that after half a year of
tyranny in Hong Kong, Hong Kong people still have not given up. They are still united
and confident to face the future. The Piggie and Pepe are two cartoon characters
that often appear on the Lennon Walls. They are the most representative and
recognizable resistance mascot. The 108 masks have different designs, they are
painted in different colour, and they symbolize people with a story behind each
one. I just want to attract the attention of foreign media during the parade and
tell the world one by one what we have experienced in this campaign.'

When all lanes outside Victoria Park (the starting point of the protest march) are
crowded with demonstrators, it is foreseen that this is another epic march for
democracy. This time it may exceed 1 million again. Tens of thousands joined
the march midway at Causeway Bay and Wanchai.

Wanchai . Hong Kong | 2019
8 Dec 2019

20,000 Rally in Central Against Excessive Tear Gas

Riot police fired more than 12,000 tear gas canisters during the recent protests. The smoke
poisoned most districts in the city. Many people experienced symptoms such as persistent
dyspnea and skin rash after exposure, and more worried about dioxin pollution caused by
tear gas, but the government has still refused to disclose the composition of tear gas.

Welfare minister Law Chi-kwong said that the level of carcinogenic dioxins resulting
from a police crowd-control weapon was minimal compared with that released
from barbecue activities and was widely challenged.

Last night, a 'Tear Gas Endangers Your Health Rally' was held at Edinburgh Place,
Central, inviting medical staff, scientific experts and others to speak, urging the
government to publicize the composition of tear gas and implement remedial
measures. 20,000 attended, according to organisers.

Masked members of the Citizens' Press Conference, a self-styled representative group
of protesters, said they had interviewed 17,000 people who were exposed to the smoke,
with up to 23 per cent claiming they suffered breathing problems, watery eyes and
skin irritation for a prolonged period; about 17% of the respondents reported skin
rash and other problems, up to 16% had abdominal pain or diarrhea, and about
5% had severe symptoms such as hemoptysis and bleeding.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
7 Dec 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Hundreds of Office Workers in Central Flashmob to Promote Dec 8 March

Netizens calls for continuing “Lunch with Us” flashmob in several districts such
as Central, Taikoo, Wong Chuk Hang, Kwai Chung, San Po Kong and Kwun Tong
calling on people to rally at lunch time to affirm the 5 demands and to ask
people to join the March on Dec 8, International Human Rights Day.

Starting at 12:45 pm, hundreds of people and office workers gathered in Pedder
Street and Des Voeux Road Central outside Landmark and chanted '5 Demands,
Not One Less'. Many people raised posters for the March on Dec 8.

The crowd also sang the protest anthem 'Glory to Hong Kong' and chanted slogans
such as 'Disbanding the police without delay' undaunted by the 3 police vans
full of riot police parked nearby.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
6 Dec 2019

Sunset at Gaomei Wetlands

Spanning over 300 hectares and located in Qing-shui near Taichung, Gaomei
Wetlands is one of the most well-preserved wetland habitats in Taiwan. It's
a protected environment that's home to a diverse array of plants and
animals like migrating birds, mud-skippers, and fiddler crabs.

Extending for 800 meters out into the wetlands is a curved boardwalk. In the
waning light of sunset, it's a dramatic sight with rippling water and a row of
slow-spinning wind turbines in the distance.

Taichung . Taiwan | 2019
5 Dec 2019

Abandoned Taichung: Qianyue Building Redevelopment Uncertain

Located near Taichung Railway Station, the 44-year-old Qianyue Building has large
department stores, restaurants, night clubs, and karaoke in the 1980s. Tourists
abound, but it was abandoned for many years after a fire in 2005. Most of the building
is now strewn with colorful graffiti spray-painted by various street artists.

The Taichung city government is nearing completion of the 'Xinsheng Green Waterway
Corridor', which will renovate a 610-meter irrigation canal to create a tourist attraction
and economically beneficial river bank. The authorities are wary to have an
abandoned Qianyue Building still standing on the riverfront.

However, there is still no consensus on the dispute between the landlord and the
building owner in retaining the shell or dismantling and rebuilding. The plans
had been changed several times and are still uncertain.

Taichung . Taiwan | 2019
4 Dec 2019

Abandoned Taichung: Qianyue Building

The Qianyue Building is one of the most well-known abandoned buildings in Taiwan. Located only a few minutes from
Taichung Station, it is astonishing to find it in the heart of central Taichung, the second largest city in Taiwan.

The 3-storey UFO-like tower at the  roof was once a Karaoke bar with a 360-degree panaramic view  of the city.
Most of the building is now splattered with colourful graffiti spray-painted by various street artists.

Over the years, many urban explorers have come to explore for free, and many curious people have come to
take pictures and post on social media. Recently, some so-called "artists" started to charge NT$100 for
admissions. Those who did not agree were driven away with a baseball bat. Suspected hooliganism.

This mixed-use commercial and residential high-rise was originally built in the 1970s. The place was a home to huge
department store, restaurants, night clubs, and karaoke around the 80s, but it didn't last long. By the 90s, majority
of the business owners have left, along with the residents. In 2005, a fire broke out in a dance club on the 7th
floor and that put an end to the commercial life of the building.

Taichung . Taiwan | 2019
3 Dec 2019

National Taichung Theatre

The National Taichung Theatre, designed by Japanese architect Ito Toyo, is the new landmark that the city
is proud of. Based on the “sound cave” concept, elements such as curved-wall units and air holes are
used to build this changed space. The result is a newfound building that stands on its own firmly
without supporting pillars or 90-degree walls.

The theatre is equipped with three professional performing venues which meet international standards:
Grand Theatre, Playhouse and Black Box. They can each be adapted to fit the needs of various
types of productions.

Taichung . Taiwan | 2019
2 Dec 2019

Mirror of the Sky at Taoyuan, Taiwan

Taoyuan Shulinzi Beach is located adjacent to Caota Dunes. As the sun sets,
the shallow water reflects like a mirror of the sky.

Taoyuan . Taiwan | 2019
1 Dec 2019

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