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Government Plans DQ? Joshua Wong & Others Questioned on 'Self-determination'

In 2016, a number of elected democratic legislators were disqualified (DQ=Disqualification)
by the Hong Kong Government. Looks like it will be repeated this year in the Hong Kong
District Council election. On 14 Oct, Joshua Wong, who is running at South Horizons West
district, and at least 4 other candidates received a letter from the Returning Officer (RO)
questioning that "Hong Kong independence" is an option for 'democratic self-determination'
plus 'free Hong Kong, the revolution of the times' and other issues. The candidates' reply
will determine the eligibility of their candidacy. Apparently, the government is paving the
way to DQ the candidates in a similar fashion.

The district council election will be held on the 24 November, the nomination period will
end on this Thursday. The pro-establishment faction and the government, knowing that
the election results is likely unfavorable to them, is already making excuses that the
election could be postponed. In fact, the democratic candidates must first pass the
first hurdle to be confirmed as eligible for the election. Most of the democratic candidates
have not yet received a confirmation from the RO. Only 22 of the 99 Democratic Party
candidates have been confirmed. The Party will issue a lawyer's letter to the district ROs today.

Joshua Wong, who is contesting in South Horizons West in the Southern District, issued a
message on the social network 13 October, saying that he had received a letter from the
district’s RO, Dorothy Ma, asking him to clarify his statement in support for the Basic Law
at or before 4:00 pm on 15 October. The RO enquired about the relationship between Wong
and the Demosisto Party, which platform includes "Democratic Self-Determination". Wong
was asked to explain whether he supports self-determination for HongKongers and whether
self-determination includes the option of Hong Kong independence. And if he supports the
idea, how can he not violate his Basic Law support statement. Before, the Hong Kong
Government used the same arguement to disqualify Agnes Chou Ting from running in the
Legislative Council by-election. Joshua Wong said that he would reply openly this afternoon
and reiterated: 'I have the right to stand for election and the government has no right to pre-screen.'

The government has said repeatedly that the district council election will postponed or even
canceled if there were chaos. Choi Chi-keung, Cheung Tat-ming, Cheung Chor-yung, Lee
Wing-yi, Chung Kin-wah and other scholars held a press conference yesterday to urge the
government not to postpone or cancel the district election, and not to disqualify the
candidates again to ensure a fair and just election.

Admiralty . Hong Kong | 2019
15 Oct 2019

Rally for Hong Kong Human Rights Law Floods Chater & Central

The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019, to punish those deemed
responsible for suppressing freedoms in Hong Kong, was passed by the Senate Foreign
Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The US Senate and House of Representatives will resume its meeting on October 15
and expected to begin to debate the law. Netizens launch the 'Rally for Hong Kong
Human Rights Law' at 7 pm today to support  'punishing those who sell out Hong Kong' and
let the US authorities see the demands of Hong Kong people. A notice of no objection
has been issued by the police. It is the first approved public rally related to extradition
laws after the implementation of the mask ban law.

The rally is held at 7 to 9 pm in Chater Garden in Central and the no objection notice is
valid until 10:30 pm. They called for protesters to urge the US to pass the bill as soon
as possible in a peaceful, rational and elegant manner.

At 6 pm before the rally began, thousands flooded Chater Garden on Monday night.
Some have to stand on the road outside the Court of Final Appeal. Massive crowd
attended, overflowing to Chater Road, Statue Square, Gloucester Road, as far as
Hong Kong Station near IFC, flooding the streets of Central. Over 130,000
attended, according to organisers.

In addition to reading the declaration and singing "Glory to Hong Kong", the gathering
also invited a number of guest speakers, including Joshua Wong, Secretary-General of
Demosisto, who had participated in the US Congress hearing earlier, and Dennis Kwok, pan-
democrat legislator who have met US Senator Ted Cruz who visited Hong Kong.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
14 Oct 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Lone Protester vs Riot Police Squad - David vs Goliath

A masked lone protester carrying a sign 'you can scare us but you can't stop us' was
surrounded by a squad of 8 police in riot gear, outside Sogo department store in
Causeway Bay this afternoon.

The scene is symbolic of the David vs Goliath situation in the current protests in Hong Kong.
The giant Goliath, in this case, is the authoritarian Chinese state, the ineffectual chief
executive and her government, and the police, whose excessive use of force was
found by Amnesty International to be a violation of international law.

The lone young female protester only has her protest sign to protect herself psychologically
and her mask to shield her identity. But after the recent 'mask ban law' put into effect by
Carrie Lam who invoke the colonial-era 'emergency laws', she could be in violation.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2019
13 Oct 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Tsimshatsui March Against Emergency Law Floods Kowloon Streets

For the first time in half a century, Hong Kong government has invoked an colonial era law
to ban people from wearing masks during protests. Carrie Lam invoke the Emergency Laws
after a special Executive Council meeting on October 4 to implement the "Anti-masked law."
The effect is like fueling fire with oil. In the past few days, it has not reduced protests and
demonstrations, but has intensified social divisions.

Many people responded to a call on the Internet to join the "Anti-emergency law march", held
at 3 pm today to protest against the Government's invoking the Emergency Regulations
Ordinance, marching from the Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui to the Sham Shui Po Sports Ground.

At 2:30 pm, thousands gathered near the Clock Tower and Cultural Centre Plaza in Tsimshatsui.
At 3 o'clock, the crowd started marching, occupied the north-bound lanes of Nathan Road
and headed for Jordan and Sham Shui Po.

Tsimshatsui . Hong Kong | 2019
12 Oct 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Over 1000 March in Central FlashMob in Support of Arrested Guards & Students

Police have arrested 5 security guards on suspicion of obstruction after they tried to
block officers from entering MOSTown mall near the Ma On Shan MTR station. Security
guards sought to block the door, but the police forcefully entered.

The Hong Kong Association of Property Management and Security Workers issued a
statement that the arrest operation was obviously aimed at intimidating frontline
security guards. It forces them to obey the police under any circumstances and
describe that 'police power is excessive and human rights are betrayed.'

The Chief Secretary for Administration, Matthew Cheung, together with several
Department heads, held an inter-departmental press conference on the afternoon
of the 10th. Cheung said that as of today , among the 2,379 arrested persons,
there were 104 under the age of 16 and 750 under the age of 18.

Some netizens feel that the police arrested indicriminately with excessive force and the
situation is heartbreaking. A Central Flashlight March was launched today gathering at
Chater Garden at12:30 pm to support the arrested security guards and students. Over
1,000 people joined, and a giant banner "Hong Kong Police Murders Deliberately" was hung.

At around 1 pm, the crowd walked out on the road and headed for Pedder Street in
Central, occupying the westbound lane.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
11 Oct 2019

Flag Raising at Red House on 108th Anniversary of 1911 Revolution

108 year ago today, the Revolution of 1911 broke out. Sun Yat-sen adopted the Three People's
Principles as a Platform to establish a revolutionary organisation, armed uprising, and
successfully overthrown the Qing Dynasty. The "Democratic Front" holds a rally at the Red
House in Tuen Mun every year to commemorate the anniversary of the revolution. The Double
Ten commemorative activities initiated by netizens are flourishing in all districts today.

Hung Lau (Red House), a Grade I historic building, was built between 1905 and 1910 on
former farmland in Pak Kok, Tuen Mun. It was used by the Hsing Chung Hui (Revive
China Society) as a base for revolutionary activities against the Qing dynasty.

It is named for its red-pigmented external surface rendering. The two-storey house is a mix
of Chinese and Western influences. Adjacent to the house is a park commemorating Dr Sun
Yat-sen who founded the Republic of China and one of few places in Hong Kong where the
flag of the Republic is hoisted continuously.

Tuen Man . Hong Kong | 2019
10 Oct 2019

Journalist Assn Decries Uncivilised Removal of Reporters' Mask by Police

Chris Yeung, Chairman of Hong Kong Journalists' Association, has complained that the
security chief has broken his promise that journalists will be exempt from the anti-mask
law after police violently ripped masks off several reporters, which was an uncivilised act.

Secretary for Security John Lee Ka-chiu had stated journalists were exempt from the anti-
mask law, which came into effect through emergency regulations at midnight on Saturday.

In a legal letter, the Hong Kong Journalists Association said it received numerous complaints
from members who had been ordered by police, often in an aggressive manner, to remove
their masks, or had their masks "violently removed" by police.

This happened even when the journalists clearly displayed their press credentials and were
wearing high-visibility vests and helmets marked "Press," the association added. It sought
a "most urgent clarification" from the secretaries for justice and security, as well as the
Commissioner of Police, on the applicability of the law to journalists doing their work.

It also asked if a journalist who wears a facial covering when reporting on a public event
commits an offense under the anti-mask law.

The association also called on police officers to present their warrant cards and remove
facial coverings when verifying the identities of journalists so journalists may verify the
identity of the officer and record their warrant card number.

Admiralty . Hong Kong | 2019
9 Oct 2019

Frontline Reporter Figure "Made by Hong Kong People"

On 18 August, at the protest rally in Victoria Park in Causeway Nay, figures of front-line
protesters and demonstration paraphernalia in 1 to 6 scale was exhibited. The exquisite
craftmanship and highly realistic models left a deep impression with the audience.

Afterwards, they were exhibited in different rallies or public events. Each time, a large number
of participants and passers-by will take pictures, post on social media and spread online.

Mr C, one of the creators of "Made by Hong Kong people", said that there were only four
models in the past, but felt that journalists had the most difficult role, so they deliberately
designed additional models to thank reporters for their silent effort on the front line.

The model uses a classic reflective vest and a must-have gas mask. The helmet specifically
has the word "PRESS". The details of the press card and the camera are also intentional.

Admiralty . Hong Kong | 2019
8 Oct 2019

Chung Yeung Memorial Service at Prince Edward Mourns Anti-extradition Deaths

For nearly 4 months of the Anti-China Extradition movement, many people have committed
suicide. In addition, rumours are rife of arrested person being killed in the San Uk Ling
Detention Centre and Protesters being killed at Prince Edward MTR Station on 31 August.
Although the Government has repeatedly clarified that no one has died, the public still
set up an altar of flower at the Prince Edward Station.

Today is Chung Yeung Festival, netizens and a Christian group "Disciple Media" launched a
"Chung Yeung Memorial Service for Anti-Extradition Martyrs" at the Prince Edward Station
at 7 pm, mourning 9 who had passed away, the 3 missing on 31 August and numerous
people who died mysterously in the the last months.

Hundreds of people gathered outside Exit B1 of Prince Edward Station, offering flowers
and burning joss paper. A large white banner reading 'Police murder people here.'

On 31Aug 31, about 11 pm, riot police, including members of the Special Tactical Squad
'Raptors', stormed Prince Edward subway station in Mong Kok. Riot police were filmed
by journalists rushing into subway carriages and viciously and indiscriminately
assaulting passengers with batons and pepper spray, leaving many passengers
cowering and bleeding. The station was then closed for 2 days. 3 seriously
injured went missing and suspected to be killed by police. MTR Subway
refused to show CCTV footage.

Mongkok . Hong Kong | 2019
7 Oct 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Protesters Defy Emergency Mask Ban and Rain - Flooding Hong Kong Streets

Tens of thousands of masked Hongkongers marched from Causeway Bay to Central on the
second day after the government issued an anti-mask law by invoking the colonial era
Emergency Regulations Ordinance.

The crowd first gathered outside Sogo department store in Causeway Bay at around 2 pm
chanting “Hongkongers, resist!” “Mask wearing not guilty!” The streets were full of citizens
deliberately wearing masks to challenge the new legislation. Police did not intervene. At
2:30 pm, the crowd took up the westbound Hennessy Road and headed for Central.

People pointed out that Carrie Lam government mismanaged and did not heed public
opinion. The mask ban after the first "community dialog" aroused greater public anger.
They are most dissatisfied that the public cannot wear mask but the police can, condoning
more and more serious police brutality, and worried that the government will invoke further
emergency laws to stop Internet access, start curfew and martial law at any time.

A huge banner reading "Glory to Hong Kong" led the march. In addition to the usual chants
like "5 demands, no one less", new ones are "Mask wearing not guilty, protest is reasonable"
and "HongKonger, resist".

Protesters raised their umbrellas and occupied all east and west-bound lanes in Causeway
Bay and Wanchai proceeding to Central, undaunted by occasional heavy rain.

24 Hong Kong democrat legislators challenged the mask ban with jydicial review in High
Court this morning, accusing leader Carrie Lam of 'usurping the legislature'.

The Bar Association said that invoking Emergency Law for the mask ban is unconstitutional.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2019
6 Oct 2019

'HongKongers Resist' Citywide as Emergency Law Mask Ban Escalates Conflicts

More mass protests were sparked on Friday after the Hong Kong government invoked emergency
legislation to ban masks at protests, which came into effect at midnight last night.

The government said the law, banning people from wearing masks at any lawful or unlawful
demonstration, was intended to halt violent protests. Before the announcement was made,
thousands of protesters marched in Central – the main business district of Hong Kong, in
opposition to the emergency legislation. (reported yesterday below and here)
After the law was announced at 3pm, thousands wearing masks gathered in Central again
and blocked Connaught Road Central near Exchange Square.

The city exploded in anger. Protests and rallies were held in 18 districts questioning the
government's hidden agenda to pave the way for the 'Emergency Law.'

Protest rallies resulting in roads blocked in at least 6 districts of Hong Kong Island, including
Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Tai Koo, and even Aberdeen, for the first time.
"Hong Kong people, resist" was the new chant.

Protesters damaged China-related and pro-police businesses along the way. MTR stations
were closed the station due to arson. Riot police were deployed in various districts at 10 pm
and fired tear gas to clear the scene.

In Central, over 10,000 people rallied at Pedder Street and Conaught Road Central near
Exchange Square. Traffic has stalled as too many people had flooded the roads.

Afterwards, the massive crowd marched toward Admiralty. Harcourt Road outside Admiralty
Station and government headquarters was also occupied, and both east and west-bound
traffic lanes were blocked.

In Causeway Bay, thousands of people gathered outside Sogo Department Store while someone
waved the black flag reading "Free Hong Kong, Revolution of the Time". Both east and west-
bound traffic lanes were occupied. More than a dozen buses could not pass and parked at
the road. MTR Causeway Bay Station was closed. At around 9 pm, some people were
dissatisfied with the station closure and set fire to Exit E and activated fire sprinklers
at Exit F1. Firemen were despatched.

In Wabchai, numerous people gathered near Canal Road. The giant statue of Lady Liberty
of Hong Kong in full gear appeared. Public sentiment was high and chanted '5 Demands,
Not One Less' and 'Hong Kong People, Resist'.

Hong Kong Island . Hong Kong | 2019
5 Oct 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Anti-Emergency Law March Flooded Chater Garden and Central

Many sources reveal that the government will invoke a British colonial-era law for the first time
in half a century to ban people from wearing masks at protests. Carrie Lam will invoke
the Emergency Laws after the Executive Council meeting this morning at the government
headquarters. It is reported that the authorities will implement the "Anti-mask Law" under
the pretext of conflicts and escalation of violence in more than 11 districts. The law will prohibit
citizens from wearing mask at illegal gatherings or violent demonstrations. The law will provide
some exemptions but it is not known whether police officers can continue to wear mask.

Denis Kwok Wing-hang, legislator of Civic Party, strongly opposes the government's 'Anti-
Mask Law' under the 'Emergency Law'. It is believed that the activation of the 'Emergency Law'
gives the Chief Executive and Executive Council almost absolute power to enact any law
without the review function of the Legislative Council. The administration may even use
the Emergency Law to prohibit demonstrations, disable the Internet, and cancel the district
elections at the end of next month. It can be seen that "the Emergency Law is the Pandora's
box. Once opened, further evil will inevitably come." Kowk believes that the implementation
of the Anti-mask Law will not reduce the number of people on the streets, but will intensify
divisions in the society. He believes that some people will submit a judicial review on the
Anti-mask Law because there is no law in Hong Kong which can violate the Basic Law.

Kwok also pointed out that the SAR Government had stated in a document to the United
Nations in November 1999 that if the "Emergency Law" were cited, it would be submitted
to the Legislative Council. He asked Carrie Lam whether she still complied with this
commitment. According to the document, the Hong Kong Government means that
the regulations enacted by the Emergency Law are subject to Article 39 of the Basic
Law, and the relevant laws and regulations are subsidiary legislation and are subject
to review by the Legislative Council.

Netizens launched a march in the Chater Garden in Central at 12:30 today to protest the
Anti-mask Law and marched towards Central. Protesters flooded the Chater Garden and
the adjacent streets in Central.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
4 Oct 2019

Record 1400 Tear Gas 1300 Shots Fired 269 Arrested on 1 Oct

Hong Kong police on 1 Octiber fired around 1,400 tear gas canisters, 900 rubber bullets,
190 beanbag rounds, 230 sponge bullets, deployed water cannon trucks and fired 6
shots in 4 incidents – setting a new record for ammunition fired and people arrested
by the city's law enforcement in a single day.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Tang Ping-keung, defended the shooting of an 18-year-old
protester with live ammunition, saying that the officer was 'aiming for centre mass' in
accordance with international standards. When asked about if the policeman has violated
the police code when shooting at a close distance at the chest which could kill a person,
Tang replied, 'Is it definite that we cannot shoot someone to death? It is also not possible
that we can stop one’s activity without shooting people dead.'

Of the 269 people arrested, the highest in the past four months, 93 are students and the
youngest is only 12 years old. A total of 178 men and 91 women, aged between 12 and 71.
When 93 were students, each person was suspected of possessing offensive weapons,
illegal assembly, etc., and did not rule out future control. More crimes. In the Sep 29
Admiralty clash, 96 people were arrested for involvement in the riots, a total of 80
men and 16 women, aged 14 to 46.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2019
3 Oct 2019

Public Doctors Assn Strongly Condemns Police for Shooting Citizens Execution Style

The Hong Kong Public Doctors Association strongly condemns the Hong Kong police for
using excessive force to clear and shooting protesters. That is deliberately shooting the
public and criticizing the police officers for choosing a more lethal pistol to injure the
left chest. The act is basically the same as an execution.

The association said in a statement that at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, during the clearance
of the Tsuen Wan, a police officer armed with a beanbag gun and a pistol shot a Form 5
student at a close range, and prevented others from helping. The relevant behaviour
seriously exceeded the level of force that the police should use. The police said on
social media that the person was injured near the shoulder, instead of being injured
in the left chest, seriously distorting the facts.

The Association pointed out that frontline police officers are hostile to the citizens, journalists
and medical staff, and do not respect the demonstrations and basic rights of the people of
Hong Kong. The police high-level officials have not only failed to review them, but have
repeatedly defended their faults. The actions have ruined the professional image of
police built up from many years. It not only causes more people in Hong Kong to
suffer unnecessary harm, but also pushes the Hong Kong police against the
public and seriously damages Hong Kong's international image.

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said in a statement: 'Whilst there is no excuse for violence,
the use of live ammunition is disproportionate, and only risks inflaming the situation.'

(Screen cap of HKUSU Campus TV video, used with Creative Commons)

Tsuen Wan . Hong Kong | 2019
2 Oct 2019

National Day Protest March is On Despite Ban, Flooding Streets of Hong Kong

Pro-democracy leaders Lee Cheuk-yan, Albert Ho, Leung Kwok-Hung (aka Long Hair)
and Chan Ho-hang say they will organise a protest march on 1 October that will mirror
the route of the Civil Human Rights Front demonstration banned by the police.

The secretary-general of the Confederation of Trade Unions, Lee Cheuk-yan, said they
will not apply for a "letter of no objection" for the march, because Hong Kong people's
freedom to protest is already enshrined in the Basic Law and doesn't require the
authorities' approval.

The march, from East Point Road in Causeway Bay to Central's Chater Road, is slated
to start at 1pm.

Lee said they want to show the world that this year's National Day – which also marks
the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China – is a day of
shame, not celebrations.

An appeal board had earlier agreed with the police that in light of recent clashes
following protests, a National Day march would pose a threat to people's safety.
The Civil Human Rights Front promptly announced that its protest march was
therefore cancelled.

At 12:30 pm, massive number of people started gathering at East Point Road outside
Sogo Department Store and the neighbouring street. Tens of thousands of protesters
flooded the streets of Hong Kong Island once again.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2019
1 Oct 2019

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