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22,000 Teachers March - Thanked by Protesters in Pouring Rain

22,000 braved pouring amber rainstorm to join a rally on "safeguard the next generation,
let our conscience speak", organised by the Professional Teachers' Union (PTU) at
Chater Garden on Saturday in supports of the anti-extradition bill campaign, before
a march to Government House, the residence of Chief Executive Carrie Lam. PTU
also called on the education sector to attend the Victoria Park rally on Sunday.

Some young protesters bowed to expressed their thanks from the rooftops of Chater
Garden under torrential rains. They raised the placards 'Thank you', 'We walk together'
and 'Sorry for the inconvenience during the last two months.'

Ip Kin-yuen, legislator representing the education sector, pointed out at the rally that
teachers and all Hong Kong people have conscience. That is why one to two million
came out to oppose the amendments. He does not understand why some people find
the word "withdraw" so difficult to say; why can't an independent commission of inquiry
be established when the police are violent, and those who make mistakes can loudly
oppose the establishment of an independent commission; and they also want to
express their concern for the next generation.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
18 Aug 2019

60,000 Rally at Chater Garden Call On International Actions

60,000 people gathered at Chater Garden in Hong Kong on Friday night (Aug 16), in the
latest mass demonstration in the city.The participants had flooded Chater Garden. Some
chose to stand in the pavement outside the Court of Final Appeal. The crowds overflowed
to Chater Road and Statue Square and shouted 'Stand with Hong Kong! For Freedom!'

Organised by several Hong Kong university student unions, the 'Stand with Hong Kong -
Power to the People Rally' called for actions from foreign governments.

Among the protesters' demands is a call for the United Kingdom to declare that China has
breached the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration. The treaty laid a blueprint over how
Hong Kong would be ruled after its return to China from Britain in 1997.

China has said it considers the declaration a historical document that no longer has practical
significance, while the UK said it is a legally valid treaty to which it is committed to upholding.

Protesters also called on the United States and the UK to enact sanctions on those
'responsible for/complicit in the suppression of rights and freedoms in Hong Kong'.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
17 Aug 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Police Bans 8 Aug March - 9th after Junius Ho's Call

Police bans Saturday's march in Hung Hom and To Kwa Wan, organised by district activists,
as well as a Sunday march organised by the Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) from
Causeway Bay to Central and a rally at Chater Garden over public safety concerns. Only
a static rally in Victoria Park against police violence will be allowed on Sunday.

On 17 July, legislator Junius Ho Kwan-yiu and a dozen people went to the police headquarters
to petition the police to stop issuing letter of no-objection for recent protest marches.
Ho said that a more peaceful way of gathering in a park is not a problem, but he is
against demonstrations that affect the public, such as occupation and attacks.

The ban is the 9th anti-extradition law marches objected by the police, apparently following
Junius Ho’s request precisely, a worrying development considering the forces behind him.

'We are very dissatisfied with this decision, and believe this decision will impose a danger
to a large number of participants,' the CHRF said in a statement. 'We have already applied
for an appeal. Will give further notice to media when more details are revealed.'

Amnesty International Hong Kong says that under international law, the government cannot
deprive citizens of the right to peaceful assembly, including protests, because of 'probable
violence.' On the contrary, the government has the responsibility to take reasonable and
appropriate measures to protect protesters from threats of violence and to protect citizens'
right to peaceful assembly.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2019
16 Aug 2019

Laser and Joss Burning Outside Shamshuipo Police Station on Yulan

Protesters gathered in front of Sham Shui Po Police Station since 8 pm on 14 August to
commence a 'ritual' in conjunction with the Yulan (Hungry Ghost) Festival.

Many protesters flash laser pointers at the police station from the overhead pedestrian
footbridge while police warned them to stop 'assaulting' police officers. Others gathered
at the junction of Yen Chow Street and Ki Lung Street to burn joss papers and hell bank
notes. Many people tried to focus on the paper with the Laser pointers hoping for 'laser
ignition', but failed after more than 10 seconds of exposure. Several protesters scattered
hell bank notes outside the police station and police warned them to leave.

The joss burning activities were peaceful, and no one attacked the police station. However,
riot police with long shield came out at 8:40, and rushed to the pedestrian footbridge where
only journalists were present, which led to angry noises of the citizens under the bridge.

At 9.45pm, police fired at least 5 tear gas rounds, after black flag was hoisted, inside the
police station. A large number of people immediately evacuated. At 10:42, when the police
started clearing, they pushed in the direction of Shek Kip Mei. During the period, many tear
gas rounds were fired where no one was present, no one attacked or get close to the police.

The Sham Shui Po MTR station was filled with the residual smell of tear gas, like a gas
chamber. Many people were coughing. Tear gas flowed into the residences, forcing
people to come downstairs crying with complaints.

Shamshuipo . Hong Kong | 2019
15 Aug 2019

12 Hospitals Rally Against Police Brutality - Ho Pak-leung After Carrie Lam's Pledge

Thousands of medical staff in 12 public hospitals rallied on Tuesday, wearing black mask, holding slogans and signs
to protest against police brutality used on some anti-extradition bill protesters. Some of the hospital staff covered
their right eye with gauze, to highlight their concern over the girl who was shot in the eye by police in Tsim Sha
Tsui on Sunday.

They include Queen Mary Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, Northern District Hospital,
Hong Kong Children's Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, etc, starting at 11:30 am to 1 pm respectively.

About 600 medical personnel rallies at Queen Mary Hospital, outside Block K. Banners reading 'First aid Hong Kong
- Protests against police brutality' and 'Who blinded the eyes?' hang in front. They chanted 'Yellow and blue are
political views. Black and white is about conscience.'

Ho Pak-leung, director of the Center for Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology and Control of the University of Hong
Kong, took the stage. He questioned that many prima facie evidence clearly pointed to police officers infringing
the law and using excessive and inappropriate force. However, the Government has not taken any action to
alleviate public doubts. Anyone can be investigated - rich people, senior officials, chief executives have been
investigated and imprisoned, why not the police?". He believes that the authorities should take immediate and
effective measures to conduct investigations, arrests, and even suspensions, and hold them accountable
according to the law. At this stage, there is an urgent need to establish an independent commission of inquiry
headed by a credible judge.

Ho Pak-leung also served on the Chief Executive election committee for the medical profession. He read the
campaign platform of Carrie Lam in 2017. "Do my best to resolve social conflicts and division, so that people
living in Hong Kong are happy, hopeful and confident. Hong Kong is an international metropolis with rule of law
and justice." He criticized Carrie Lam for failing to 'honour her pledge' in the last two years. 'I did not see her
caring about and listening to the public... I hope that she will read everyday before she goes to bed.' On work
strike by medical staff, he expressed respect for the wishes of individual colleagues, but should not affect
the service commitment to the public.

Pokfulam . Hong Kong | 2019
14 Aug 2019

All Flights Cancelled as Thousands Besiege Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong International Airport has cancelled all of its outbound flights after thousands
of protesters swamped the busy hub on Monday to protest against police brutality on
sporadic demonstrations that cropped up across the city on Sunday.

This marked the fourth day of protests at the airport, where demonstrators passed out fliers
and held up posters informing new arrivals of the city’s long-running protest movement.

Both Hall A and B of the arrival level and the non-restricted area of the departure level of
are swamped with protesters in black. But they will allow passengers to pass through.

Protesters’ anger was compounded by an incident during Sunday’s clashes in which a
young woman was shot in the eye with what was believed to be a bean bag round.
Images of the injured woman exploded across social and mainstream media,
prompting a fresh outpouring of rage at a police force that has been facing
accusations of brutality for months now.

Protesters plan to continue the sit-in at the airport everyday if flights resume.

Lantau . Hong Kong | 2019
13 Aug 2019

Police Condoned North Point "Fujian Gang" Attacking Passers-by

Rumours have been circulating in Hong Kong that some Fujianese associations were
mobilising relatives and friends from their hometowns on the mainland to travel to the
city and settle scores with protesters, who may demonstrate in North Point on Sunday.

On 11 August, fear permeated North Point, which appeared to be ruled by suspected
'Fujian Gang' and 'Patriotic Militia'. 80-90% of shops were shuttered. The 'Fujian Gang'
and the mainland patriotic group that declare war on 'Hong Kong independence' gathered
in the area yesterday. In the morning, they were at Fulum Palace Restaurant and distributed
red T-shirts, ready for retaliation to the protesters who did not appear. They were trapped
in the restaurant throughout the afternoon and repeatedly attacked journalists and
passers-by. The police took in at least two people after prolonged complaints but unsure
if they were charged. In the evening, the suspected "Fujian gangs" became street militia
and attacked passers-by in black or wearing mask and journalists.

As a large number of media and police officers waited at the entrance of the Fulum
Palace restaurant, the gate was shuttered at 5 pm and only allowed one person to pass
at a time. A large number of "patriots" were trapped in the restaurant, angered and
nowhere to vent, and took the initiative to walk out the streets at night making trouble.

At 8 o'clock in the evening, a young man in black shirt and a mask passed by the restaurant.
He was brutally beaten and kicked by at least 8-10 people until bloody in the mouth. One
of the attackers was unhappy about being photographed by the journalists. He broke a
section of a monopod from a reporter, and started waving it to hit people including a RTHK
reporter who was injured. The attackers immediately dispersed. The injured man in black
was sent to the hospital. He was said to be a student at Fujian Secondary School. He was
going to a bookstore but was brutally attacked.

The police did not arrest the attackers afterwards. Instead, they locked up City Garden
community director, Ms Sao, who was there to ask people to go home. At 9 pm, the riot
police came to the scene to "persuade" the "patriots" to leave the streets.

North Point . Hong Kong | 2019
12 Aug 2019

Thousands Rally at Victoria Park after Eastern March Banned

At 2 o'clock this afternoon, Protesters in black flooded the Victoria Park football fields.
At the main stage hangs two giant banners 'Uber Distressed' and 'Withdraw Evil Law'.

The police have been suppressing the "anti-China extradition" movement in the past
few weeks. They opposed to the 11 August Hong Kong Island Eastern march and the
rally at the Java Road Playground Park near the North Point Police Station was
banned. Only a rally is allowed to be held at the Victoria Park football fields.

Over the weekend, the marches in Wong Tai Sin, Sham Shui Po and Tai Po were all
banned on grounds of public safety. This is the 7th march banned by the police,
including the original Mong Kok march of 3 August.

Earlier, the police had erected 2m high barricades at the entrance and exit of the North
Point Police Station. The outer wall from the 5th floor to the ground was fitted with a
gauze. They also used glue to reinforce the floor tiles outside the police station.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2019
11 Aug 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Thousands Sit-in at HKIA to Win International Support

Thousands have joined a mass sit-in at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) on 8 August,
the second in 2 weeks, in a fresh round of anti-government protests designed to secure
international support for the movement.

Organisers were expecting over 10,000 to show up over the 3-day rally. Protesters filled
the non-restricted area of the Arrival Hall A and B. The rally did not apply to the police
for a no-objection notice and hoped police would respect the peaceful protest.

The airport had increased security in the departure area, which is not part of the protest
zone, that led to passengers experiencing delays in reaching departure gates, as
airlines warned travellers to arrive early for their flights.

Most of the participants wore black, put on masks and helmets, and raised the slogans
and cards with 'Anti-China Extradition'. Participants wrote slogans on paper in 11
languages, and posted media reports related to the movement. Some people stood
at the exits after immigration and distribute flyers and stickers to passengers and
passers-by, creating awareness about Hong Kong's 'Anti-China Extradition', police
brutality, indiscriminate arrests and charges.

Lantao . Hong Kong | 2019
10 Aug 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

1000 Join Candlelight Parade - Catholics Pray for Hong Kong

On 8 August, About 1,000 people participated in the 'Candlelight in Darkness to See
the Truth' parade and prayer meeting, organised by Hong Kong Catholic Justice and
Peace Commission, the Hong Kong Catholic Association, and others, marching from
the front of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, to the Court of Final Appeal.

They ask the government to respond to the demands of the people, withdraw
fugitive offenders amendments, set up an independent commission of inquiry
and restart political reform. The crowd flooded the space outside the Court
of Final Appeal and half of Statue Square.

Bishop Joseph Ha Chi- shing of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, prayed for
officials. He said that Chief Executive Carrie Lam and other officials are
responsible for the many violent clashes caused by the anti-extradition turmoil,
Hong Kong society was tanking, and the public's demands were ignored.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
9 Aug 2019

3000 Lawyers March Against Political Prosecutions

Thousands of legal sector professionals staged the sixth march, dressed in black, since 1997 and the second in
two months, urging an end to political prosecutions, for the Secretary of Justice to retain its independence and
excuse herself from prosecution decision owing to conflict of interest, and for the government to form an independent
commission of inquiry to investigate events that occurred during the anti-extradition bill protests.

The lawyers gathered at the Court of Final Appeal before marching in silence to Department of Justice's office on
Wednesday from around 12:50 pm. Legal sector lawmaker Dennis Kwok said over 3,000 joined, which was
more than the number of people marching on June 6.

The legal profession asked Teresa Cheng, Secretary for Justice, and the Director of Public Prosecutions, Leung
Cheuk-yan, to come out to have a diaglogue. However, after waiting for more than an hour, they did not respond.

Martin Lee, former Chairman of the Bar Association, said that the government's indiscriminate arrest undermined the
spirit of the rule of law. Protesters were immediately arrested and prosecuted while attacking mobs can walk away
and not prosecuted. The selective prosecution by the Department of Justice is unacceptable.

Senior Counsel Chan King-sang, former Chairman of the Bar Association, said that to resolve current social unrest,
the government should set up an independent commission of inquiry that the public can trust to seek the truth of
the incident. The public has little confidence in the Independent Police Complaints Council (IPCC).

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
8 Aug 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Police Fire 800 Tear Gas Rounds on Monday, Total 1,800 - HKJA Protests

At a press briefing on Tuesday, the Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) protested and strongly condemned
the police of using excessive force and hindered journalists from reporting. The reporters wore reflective vests
and knocked their pens against their helmets in protest of alleged mistreatment by frontline police.

Lam Yin-pong, Executive Committee member of HKJA, stated that while covering protests in recent weeks, police
had pointed strong lights at reporters' eyes and cameras, pushed them with shields, insulted and swore at them,
and arbitrarily arrested them.

At the briefing, Senior Police Superintendent Kong said the force had used around 800 tear gas rounds, 20 sponge
grenades and 140 rubber bullets against protesters On Monday. A total of 148 people were arrested, including
95 men and 53 women, aged between 13 and 63.

From June 9 to the morning of August 5, the police deployed about 1,000 tear gas rounds, 150 sponge grenades
and 160 rubber bullets during the protests. A total of 420 people were arrested, including 347 men and 73 women,
aged between 14 and 76, charged with riots, illegal assembly, assaulting police, obstructing police officers from
performing duties and possessing offensive weapons, etc.

Groups of men in North Point attacked protesters with sticks and knives on Monday night. Kong said officers were
unable to get on site to deal with the attack until 11pm, 4 hours after they were called at around 7pm. He said
that was owing to the number of protesters surrounding North Point police station.

When asked why the police were often criticised for using tear gas in residential areas and even in the absence of
protesters. The police said that "they hope not to use tear gas in residential areas", emphasizing use of
"extreme restraint" when using force.

The police expressed concern about the indiscriminate attack of residents by mob dressed in white in the Yuen
Long West Rail Station. A total of 23 people were arrested for suspected illegal assembly. However, no one has
been charged yet.

When asked why answers are not forth-coming on the specific number of tear gas canisters and munition used
at each protest after more than 40 days, Kong said that the specific figures are yet to be confirmed and will be
announced later. After repeated questioning by reporters on the use of expired tear gas, Kong said only that the
use of tear gas will follow the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure safety.

Journalists asked lots of questions but got few satisfactory answers at the police news briefing.

Admiralty . Hong Kong | 2019
7 Aug 2019

15,000 Rally at Admiralty on Strike Day as Carrie Lam 'Unrepentant'

Chief Executive Carrie Lam continued to blame the protesters' violence at the morning
press conference, but still failed to provide any solution, fueling further public
dissatisfaction. Democrats said Lam is provocative and 'unrepentant.'

On 5 August , a citywide general strike was called asking the government not to ignore
public opinion and respond positively to the 5 demands of the people of Hong Kong.

It was a fine and scorching day at 35 degrees. But tens of thousands attended rallies in 7
districts, including Mong Kok, Wong Tai Sin, Sha Tin, Tsuen Wan, Tai Po and Tuen Mun.

At 1:30 pm, Tamar Park outside government headquarters in Admiralty was packed with
people. The crowds are endless, with an estimated over 15,000 people attending.

Agnes Chow Ting of Demosisto, organiser for the rally, read the strike declaration,
criticised the government for causing public grievances, and passing political issues
to the police. The strikers hoped that the government would respond to the demands
by peaceful strikes. If the government refuses to respond, the non-cooperative movement
will continue, and even escalate. Later, the guests and the public took the stage to speak.

The airport operation suffered serious disruption. At least 170 flights were cancelled.
In the morning, all MTR subway services was disrupted resulting in a total stoppage,
including the Airport Express.

Admiralty . Hong Kong | 2019
6 Aug 2019

20,000 Rally at Island West Against Institutional Violence

The 4 August "Hong Kong Island West Rally" originally aimed at a march. However,
police objected to the heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic of the route while the
road is deemed narrow. If there is violent conflict, it is difficult for the police to
enforce the law. Therefore, only a rally is approved. The organizer later
changed the venue to Belcher Bay Park.

The massive crowd filled Belcher Bay Park and overflowed into the streets in all
directions and the waterfront. There was a giant banner in the middle of the park
reading 'Anti-Institutional Violence. We want real universal suffrage.' A huge
vertical banner at the main stage reads 'Withdrawal of The Evil Laws.'

Ms Kwong, one of the organisers, spoke at the rally and criticized the government
for suppressing the protesters. The night before, Police Tactical Unit was deployed
against ordinary civilians in Wong Tai Sin, but indulged the indiscriminate mob
attack at Yuen Long. Excessive force was used by the police followed by indiscriminate
arrests and charges. Ms Kwong pointed out that all the signs show that the government
has never faced up to its own problems. Therefore, no matter how tired we are, we
must continue to stand up.

Kennedy Town . Hong Kong | 2014
5 Aug 2019

120,000 March in Mongkok while Police Missing

On 3 August, netizens held a 'Mongkok March'. However, the police only approved
a rally at Anchor Street Playground and objected to the march. The applicant, Ng
Wing-tak, appealed and a march from Anchor St Playground to Cherry St Park in
Tai Kok Tsui was approved.Organisers said 120,000 joined.

The rally began at 2:30 pm. The crowds flooded the park and nearby streets. Some
legislators and members of the public took the stage. The parade started at 4:10 pm
with a front banner reading "excessive police power". However, no police was seen
during the march.

When the marchers went to Hai Ting Road and Olympian City, there was no police
directing traffic nor road closure, and there were frequent vehicle passing along
the way. Ng was angry and asked why the police was absent as the route was
suggested by the police. The police officer only said that he would pass on to
the superiors. Later on, no police officers were present.

Tai Kok Tsui . Hong Kong | 2014
4 Aug 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

40,000 Flooded Central in Civil Service Rally

Tens of thousands attended a rally organised by civil servants on Friday
at Chater Garden urging the government to listen to public demands.

The crowd spread to the court outside the Court of Final Appeal, Statue Square,
Des Voeux Road Central and Chater Road to Prince's Building. The organisers
said 40,000 were in attendance.

Cheung Ka-po, an officer at the Transport Department who applied for the rally,
said civil servants will continue to work with Hong Kong people. 'When we
take off our badges, our uniforms, we are all Hongkongers,' he said. Cheung
demanded the withdrawal of the amendments to the Fugitive Offenders
Ordinance and the establishment of a commission of independent inquiry.

Former chief secretary Anson Chan spoke at the rally. She said attendees were
brave to come out in defiance of government warnings. Civil servants, who are
meant to be politically neutral, were warned that they face punishment for disloyalty.

Participation in the rally, comprising 52 departments, including the Department
of Justice, the Home Affairs Bureau, the Food and Health Bureau, the Environment,
the Judiciary, the Police, the Fire Services Department, the Customs and Excise
Department, the Labour Department, the Information Services Department,
the Radio Television Hong Kong and Social Welfare Department, etc.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
3 Aug 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Thousands Join Financial Flash Protest Undaunted by Rain

Thousands of financial workers braved pouring rain under Typhoon signal no.1
  to gather at Chater Garden in central Hong Kong Thursday, giving that sector's
support to mass protests that have roiled the territory for weeks.

According to organisers around 4,300 from 80 banks, including Chinese banks,
participated in the heart of the financial district and more than 700 workers
posted photos of their staff cards to declare they would also join a city-wide
strike called for next Monday.

Most of the participants in the rally wore suits, lit up their mobile phones, and
shouted slogans such as 'Recover Hong Kong, the Revolution of the Times' and 'Hong Kong
People on Strike'. Some people raised the slogan leaflet 'No rule of law, funds will go',
'No freedom, talents will go', warning the impact of recent events on the financial
sector. Some are concerned about collusion between police and Triad plus recent
indiscriminate arrest and riot charges.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
2 Aug 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Braving the Storm for Freedom

Forty-four protesters, age 16 to 41, charged with rioting during Sunday's clashes on
Hong Kong Island have been released on bail.

The rioting charge has been controversial, the arrested included a nurse providing
first aid. It is apparantly aiming to intimidate the anti-extradition law protesters,
as it carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years under the Public Order
Ordinance. A trial was set for September 25.

Outside the Eastern Law Court, hundreds of protesters came out to support the charged,
braving heavy rain and strong wind under a T3-signal, soon to turn T8 typhoon.

Many held signs and chanted slogans such as 'no rioters, only tyranny.'

Annie from Wuxi, Jiangsu, China proudly holds up a towel from the Occupy Central
movement of 2014 that reads 'Braving the Storm for Freedom'.

Admiralty . Hong Kong | 2014
1 Aug 2019

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