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Monet in Hong Kong

A young girl is attracted by the multimedia display of impressionist
waterlilies at 'Claude Monet: The Spirit of Place' and interacts
with the projection.

This is the first ever Monet exhibition in Hong Kong that charts the
evolution of artist's landscapes over 50 years at the Heritage Museum
through 11 July 2016, part of the French May programme.

Shatin · Hong Kong | 2016
30 Jun 2016

Sofia at Muir Beach

Sofia (not her real name) enjoys the breath-taking views of the
Californian coast at Muir Beach Overlook, a part of the
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

Muir Beach · California · USA | 2016
29 Jun 2016

Tule Elk

The tule elk is a subspecies of elk found only in California, ranging
from the grasslands and marshlands of the Central Valley to the
grassy hills on the coast including Point Reyes National Seashore.

Point Reyes National Seashore · California · USA | 2016
28 Jun 2016

Old and New

The 1907 distinctive copper-green Flatiron style Sentinel Building, aka
Columbus Tower, and the Transamerica Pyramid designed by architect
William Pereiraand in 1969, symbolise the old and new faces of
the cosmopolitan city of San Francisco.

San Francisco · California · USA | 2016
27 Jun 2016

Rainbow Wing at SF City Hall

A gay couple spreads a giant rainbow wing in front of the City Hall in
San Francisco, California after the SF Pride Parade where hundreds
of thousands cheered. San Francisco has one of the largest and
most prominent LGBT communities in the world and its
Pride Parade is one of the largest.

San Francisco · California · USA | 2016
26 Jun 2016

Mexican Girl on Parade

A Mexican Girl on horseback joins the annual Flower Festival Parade
at Lompoc, Santa Barbara county, California. The city is known as
the flower seed capital of the world.

Lompoc · California · USA | 2016
25 Jun 2016

Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall at downtown Los Angeles, California is
awesome architecture by Frank Gehry with his gravity-defying
billowing stainless-steel walls that conjure visions of a ship
adrift in a rough sea. It was opened on October 24, 2003.

Los Angeles · California · USA | 2016
24 Jun 2016

Ryan Skates

24 year-old local skate punk Ryan zips with exqusite style and flair
through the 17,000 sq ft of vert, tranny and street terrain of the
Venice Beach Skate Park with unbroken ocean views.

Santa Monica · California · USA | 2016
23 Jun 2016

Santa Monica Panorama

Dating back to 1908, the Santa Monica Pier is the beachfront city's most
compelling landmark. There is an amusement park including a Ferris wheel,
a vintage carousel, a roller coaster and an aquarium, but people come
mainly for the view and the golden sand that extends in a gentle arc
for miles.

Santa Monica · California · USA | 2016
22 Jun 2016

A-maze-ing Laughter

'A-maze-ing Laughter' was designed by Chinese artist Yue Minjun and installed
in Morton Park, Vancouver in 2009. The patinated bronze sculpture, composed
of 14 statues each about three metres tall and weighing over 250 kg, portrays
the artist's own image "in a state of hysterical laughter". It was created
as part of the Vancouver International Sculpture Biennale.

Vancouver · Canada | 2016
21 Jun 2016

Finn Slough

Finn Slough is an off-grid urban wilderness Fraser River fishing community
located at southern Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. It has about 30
residents who live in wooden houses, both floating and built on stilts,
along the marshy river bank.

Many of the buildings were built between the late 19th century and 1950s
and many have decayed severely. The access gate has signs that read
'Private area' and 'Danger: high radiation area' (in Japanese only).

Vancouver · Canada | 2016
20 Jun 2016

Totem Poles at Stanley Park

The totem poles at Brockton Point inside Stanley Park are the most visited
attraction in British columbia, Canada. The 9 poles collection started
in the 1920s.

Vancouver · Canada | 2016
19 Jun 2016

Defiant Bookseller Lam Leads Thousands in Protest

Hong Kong bookseller Lam Wing-kee defies Beijing again as he led 6,000
outraged protesters to march against suppression of free speech two days
after he broke silence to give explosive details of his eight-month
illegal detention and staged confessions by Mainland China authority.

The other four booksellers – Lee Bo, Gui Minhai, Lui Bo and Cheung Ji-ping –
from the Causeway Bay Bookstore which specialised in books critical of
China’s Communist party leaders went missing since October 2015. All
except Gui had returned to Hong Kong in March while refusing to
discuss their disappearance in any detail. Enquiries from Hong
Kong to Mainland authorities have gone unanswered.

Causeway Bay · Hong Kong | 2016
18 Jun 2016

My news report and more photos on Award-winning International Newswire

Street Art

Street art on stairs at Public Square Street in Yaumatei, a district
Kowloon well known for the night market at Temple Street and
its fruit market.

Yaumatei · Hong Kong | 2016
12 Jun 2016

Kacey Wong on City of Neon

Visual artist Kacey Wong delivers the keynote address 'City of Neon -
the Urban Memories of Hong Kong' at the International Association
of Lighting Designers (IALD) Greater China forum at
Polytechnic University.

Wong has received the Hong Kong Contemporary Arts Award by the Hong
Kong Art Museum (2012), Best Artist Award (2010) and Rising Artist
Award and Outstanding Arts Education Award (2003).

Hunghom · Hong Kong | 2016
11 Jun 2016

Botero in Hong Kong

Nine monumental bronze sculptures by Colombian artist Fernando Botero,
curated by the artist’s daughter Lina Botero Zea, are on display at
Hong Kong’s Central Harbourfront through August 14.

The work of the artist from Medellín, Colombia, is well known for
the exaltation of volume and the sensuality of the forms.

Central · Hong Kong | 2016
9 Jun 2016


A protester appears to be lost in her thoughts gazing into the distance
at the candlelight vigil in memory of the 27th anniversary of June 4
Tiananmen Square Massacre at Victoria Park in Hong Kong.

Victoria Park · Hong Kong | 2016
5 Jun 2016

125,000 at June 4 Vigil

125,000 in Hong Kong participated at candlelight vigil at Victoria Park
in memory of the 27th anniversary of June 4 Tiananmen Square Massacre.

The massive turnout is impressive, despite the lowest in 7 years, as
there was heavy rain before and for the first time, the Hong Kong
Federation of Students did not join the biggest rally in the world
commemorating the crackdown in Victoria Park due to the growing
localist attitude.

The organiser collected HK$1.74 million, HK$400,000 more than last
year, in local currency and RMB (from China) showing increasing
support from both locals and visitors from Mainland China.

The future looks brighter amidst the sea of candles at Victoria Park.

Victoria Park · Hong Kong | 2016
4 Jun 2016

My news report and more photos on the Front Page
of Award-winning International Newswire

Record 180,000 at June 4 Vigil in 2014

A record of over 180,000 people in Hong Kong was at the annual vigil
at Victoria Park in memory of the 25th anniversary of June 4
Tiananmen Massacre. This was taken at 7:30 pm, 30 minutes
before the start during the blue hour. More people are
still joining until the Park was packed to capacity.

Victoria Park · Hong Kong | 2014
3 Jun 2016

Dubrovnik Old Town

The gorgeous Dubrovnik Old Town, seen from the city's walls, with baroque
buildings, monasteries, medieval churches and marble streets. It is
a pearl on the Adriatic, Croatia's most popular attraction and a
UNESCO World Heritage.

Dubrovnik · Croatia | 2016
2 Jun 2016

Zadar Cathedral

Built during the 12th and 13th centuries, the Cathedral of St Anastasia
in Zadar, is the largest church in all of Dalmatia, the coastal region
of Croatia.

With a richly decorated facade and an impressive three-nave interior,
it has been submitted to UNESCO's Tentative List of World Heritage Sites.

Zadar · Croatia | 2016
1 Jun 2016

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