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Penang Street Art

'Kids on Bicycle' is a popular work by Lithuanian street artist Ernest Zacharevic
in George Town, Penang. For the 2012 George Town Festival, Zacharevic was
commissioned to do a series of public paintings in central George Town, many
of which he chose to combine with objects such as swings, motorcycles,
chairs and existing architectural features.

The art has been a smash hit and Penang has become the street art capital
of Malaysia.

Penang . Malaysia | 2020
29 Feb 2020

Penang Floating Mosque

Built in 2005, the Floating Mosque in Tanjung Bungah, Penang is a majestic
structure with Moorish design, seven-storey-high towering minarets with
360-degree panoramic view of the sea.

It is the first mosque in Malaysia to be built on the sea, with pillars and stilts
supporting its structure. Covering an area of 1,295sqm, it can accommodate
up to 1500 people during prayer times.

Penang . Malaysia | 2020
28 Feb 2020

Blue Mansion of Penang Malaysia

The most photographed building in George Town, the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion is a magnificent
38-room, 220-window mansion that was built in the 1880s and rescued from ruin in the 1990s.
Its distinctive blue-hued exterior is the result of an indigo-based limewash.

Cheong Fatt Tze was a rags-to-riches Hakka merchant-trader who commissioned the mansion
for his seventh (and favourite) wife. It won the prestigious UNESCO Conservation & Heritage award.

Penang . Malaysia | 2020
27 Feb 2020

Khoo Kongsi of Penang

The most spectacular clan-house in George Town, Khoo Kongsi is an explosion of colour.
Intricate ceramic mosaics of immortals, carp and dragons dance across the roof ridges,
while the gilded beams inside crawl with real and mythical beasts, and antique
lanterns sway in the space below.

The interior walls feature delicate friezes depicting legendary wedding and birthday
celebrations and the 36 celestial guardians.

Penang . Malaysia | 2020
26 Feb 2020

Heritage Houses of Penang

Home to the largest collection of pre-war buildings in Southeast Asia, the
city of George Town, Penang, Malaysia offers eclectic crumbling
shophouses, diverse street art and delicious street food.

Old George Town was designated a UNESCO World Heritage since 2008
for its 'unique architectural and cultural townscape without parallel
anywhere in Southeast Asia.'

Penang . Malaysia | 2020
25 Feb 2020

King Yin Lei Mansion

King Yin Lei reflects the excellence of design and construction in both Chinese
and Western architecture in Hong Kong, which is a rarity in Hong Kong as well
as an outstanding work of art.

Originally named ‘Hei Lo’, the building was designed by the architectural office
of ARF Raven and built in around 1937 and renamed in 1978 to ‘King Yin Lei’.

The luxury historic houses located on the hillside of Hong Kong Island is an
important landmark in the historical development of Hong Kong. It bears
witness to the growing wealth and rising status of the Chinese community
before the Second World War, when a Chinese upper-class residential
area took shape in Mid-Levels. It is a declared monument in Hong Kong.

Mid Levels . Hong Kong | 2020
24 Feb 2020

Ly Garcia Frolics at Lingnan Garden

Ly Garcia, from the Philippines, love to dress up and frolic at Lingnan Garden
of Lai Chi Kok Park on Sunday.

Lingnan Garden is one of the most beautiful park in Hong Kong, featuring
courtyards, winding corridors, structures of traditional Lingnan designs,
sculptures, bonsai collection and ponds.

Mei Foo . Hong Kong | 2020
23 Feb 2020

KATHAA - Folk Art Mural from India

Awesome mural by Ranjeet Jha, Indian Madhubani Artist, at Bharat Bhavan
(India House) at 22 Blacks Link. Part of KATHAA - celebrating folk art and
artists from India for the first time on Hong Kong walls, organised by
HKWalls.org in partnership with Memeraki and sponsored by the
Consulate General of India.

Wong Nai Chung . Hong Kong | 2020
22 Feb 2020

Rallies at MTR Stations 7 Months after Terror Attack of 21 July

7 months after the 21 July terror attack at Yuen Long Station, netizens called for a sit-in
protest at Yuen Long Station/Yoho Mall, Causeway Bay Station, Heng Fa Tsuen Station,
Aberdeen Centre and Ma On Shan Station tonight. MTR closed the Yuen Long Station
at 5 pm and citizens held rallies and sit-ins at Yoho Mall and MTR stations across Hong
Kong to protest the inadequate law enforcement by the police on that day.

At 7 pm, over 100 people gathered at Causeway Bay Station, displaying a large number
of photos and videos of 21 July 2019 when people in white attacked citizens indiscriminately.
Many passers-by paused to view. Most of the demonstrators wore black and masks,
chanting slogans such as 'Free Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Time' and 'Hong Kong
people, resist!' Someone raised a banner 'Stop Police Brutality and Lies.'

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2020
21 Feb 2020

'Empress' Long Hair Protests Against Police Infringement on Press Freedom at RTHK

On 15 February, PK Tang, Commissioner of Police in Hong Kong Police wrote to the Director
of the Broadcasting, Mr Leung Ka-wing, to file a complaint against Radio Television Hong
Kong RTHK's "Headline News" program, which was broadcast on February 14, repeatedly
mocking the police work during the coronavirus epidemic. The police also expressed great
regret and asked the Director of Broadcasting to follow up. Freedom of the press and
creativity are important core values of Hong Kong and cannot be taken away by any
person or institution.

Dozens of people from the League of Social Democrats (LSD) and the Labour Party
protested at the Wan Chai Police Headquarters at 1 pm today. Former Legislative Councillor
Leung Kwok Hung (Long Hair) dressed in the Empress Cixi character in the 'Headline News'
program, pointing out that the wrong doings of the police, and chanting slogans such
as 'PK Tang shamefully suppresses freedom of the press at RTHK.'

The protest letter was later received by a representative of the police.

Wanchai . Hong Kong | 2020
20 Feb 2020

New Union for Civil Servants Rally in Central to Protest Govt's Epidemic Handling

Coronavirus raged in Hong Kong, but the distribution by the government of epidemic
prevention gear caused a lot of criticism in all sectors of the society. The medical
and firefighting staff at the forefront of the epidemic are inadequately geared compared
with the policemen who are only guarding nearby. The new Union for Civil Servants
rally was launched tonight outside the Admiralty Civic Square to express their dissatisfaction
with the government's anti-epidemic policy and to cheer the frontline medical team.

At about 6 pm, hundreds of civil servants and citizens gathered outside the Civic Square,
flooding the pedestrian pavement. Some overflowed to Tim Mei Avenue. Protester Uncle
Chan was also present, holding a banner 'Salute to medical staff, Really seal off the
border, Help ourselves in fighting epidemic', and chantted a few slogans.

Ngan Mo-chow, chairman of the new Union for Civil Servants, believes that in the past,
the government has ignored the work of frontline civil servants, and masks and epidemic
prevention gear is inadequate. He said that someone who had failed to run for the
Legislative Council earlier. But the slogan he used at that time is now being repeated
frequently in Hong Kong. The crowd responded 'Free Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Time.'

20-30 police officers were deployed on the flyover to record and observe.

Admiralty . Hong Kong | 2020
19 Feb 2020

A Century Apart

Completed in 1846, Flagstaff House is the oldest surviving Western building in Hong Kong.
Originally known as Headquarters House and accommodated the Commander of British
Forces, it was renamed Flagstaff House around 1932.

The two-storey building features a Greek Revival style adapted to local climatic conditions
with deep verandahs. It was restored as far as possible to its 19th century appearance
after it was taken over by the former Urban Council in 1981 and converted into the
Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, which opened to the public in 1984.

In the background is Lippo Centre, built in 1988 with its distinctive and unique design.
The office building has 2 towers with a maximum height of 186 m. It was designed
by Australian architect Paul Rudolph and initially called the Bond Centre.

Admiralty . Hong Kong | 2020
18 Feb 2020

Anike Frolics at Ancient Odeon of Paphos Cyprus

Anike, an artist from Ukraine, frolics at ancient Odeon, the amphitheatre
of Paphos Archaeology Park.

Comprised of carved limestone, the ancient Odeon features 12 rows of
stone seating in a half-circle surrounding a stage.

Paphos . Cyprus | 2020
17 Feb 2020

Kamares Aqueduct of Narnaca Cyprus

The Kamares is the oldest aqueduct of Larnaca. The aqueduct was built in the 18th
century by the Ottoman Governor Koca Bekir Pasha, using traditional Roman techniques,
to bring water to the city from a source located about 6 miles from Larnaca.

The aqueduct has a total length of 16 km, including its underground channel. Some
historians believe it is actually a Roman creation that was refurbished by the Ottomans.

Liarnaca . Cyprus | 2020
16 Feb 2020

'You are not Alone' by Paparazzi in Limassol

“You are not alone!”, a mural of a Nepalese woman with baby on her shoulders, by the
well-known street artist Paparazzi on a Limassol building.

This was created after the April 2015 Nepal earthquake as part of Limassol's Street
Life Festival. There are thousands of Nepalese in Cyprus primarily working as
domestic workers.

Limassol . Cyprus | 2020
15 Feb 2020

Limassol Marina in Cyprus

Limassol's decrepit former fishing harbour has undergone a 300 million Euro facelift. The visionary
behind the massive Limassol Marina project is French architect Xavier Bohl, who based the design
of the marina on St Tropez' Port Grimaud and Monte Carlo's Hercule Harbour. The result is a slick,
contemporary and luxurious marina with little that looks essentially Cypriot.

Limassol . Cyprus | 2020
14 Feb 2020

Lefkara Village in Cyprus

.Located on the southern slopes of the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus, Lefkara Village is famous
for its exquisite lace and fine silverwork since medieval times.

It is a charming village with hidden courtyards, finely carved traditional doorways, cobble-stone
paths and narrow alleys.

Lefkara . Cyprus | 2020
13 Feb 2020

Paphos Archaeological Park in Cyprus

Paphos Archaeological Park contains the ruins of the major part of the important ancient Greek and Roman
City located in Nea Paphos section of the coastal city in southwest Cyprus. The sites and monuments,
with extensive exquisite mosaic, date from prehistoric times through the Middle Ages and is still under

Marina Lokna from Tallinn, Estonia frolics at Saranta Kolones, a ruined medieval fortress with arched gateways
still standing. It takes its name from the large number of granite columns that were found on the site
and probably once formed part of the ancient agora.

Nea Pafos was named UNESCO World Heritage since 1980.

Paphos . Cyprus | 2020
12 Feb 2020

Tombs of the Kings in Paphos

The Tombs of the Kings contains a set of well-preserved underground tombs and chambers used
by residents of Nea Paphos during the Hellenistic and Roman periods, from the 3rd century BC
to the 3rd century AD. Despite the name, the tombs were not actually used by royalty; they
earned the title from their grand appearance.

The 7 excavated tombs are scattered over a wide area; the most impressive is No. 3, which has
an open atrium below ground level, surrounded by columns. It is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Paphos . Cyprus | 2020
11 Feb 2020

Bellapais Abbey of North Cyprus

The exquisite ruins of Bellapais Abbey, which was built in the 12th century by monks fleeing
Palestine after the fall of Jeruselem to Saladin in 1187.

The 13th-century church is in fine condition. Behind is the 14th-century cloister rimmed with
Gothic-arched arcades that have survived the centuries almost intact.

Bellapais . Cyprus | 2020
10 Feb 2020

Kyrenia Old Harbour in North Cyprus

Backdropped by jagged mountains and adjacent to a Byzantine castle, Kyrenia Old Harbour is
small but charming and filled with yachts and boats.

Tall stone-cut buildings which once stored raw carob are reborned as harbour-front cafes and
restaurants, next to the sparkling water. Giant waves crash onto the waterfront promenade.

Kyrenia . North Cyprus | 2020
9 Feb 2020

Buyuk Han of North Nicosia in North Cyprus

The Buyuk Han (The Great Inn) is Cyprus' largest and best-preserved example of Ottoman caravanserai
architecture. Built by the Ottomans in 1572, the year after they had seized Cyprus from the Venetians.

In the centre of the open courtyard is a mosque with a fountain for pre-prayer ablutions. The first
floor balcony was originally served as the inn's sleeping areas.

Northern Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), is a de facto state that comprises the
northeastern portion of the island of Cyprus. Established in 1974 by the Turkish invasion
and recognised only by Turkey.

A buffer zone under the control of the United Nations stretches between Northern Cyprus and the
rest of the island and divides Nicosia, the island's largest city and capital of both sides..

North Nicosia . North Cyprus | 2020
8 Feb 2020

Nicosia's Famagusta Gate in Cyprus

Famagusta Gate is the most significant and impressive of the three gates on the magnificent Venetian
walls of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. It is the best-preserved and most photographed
of the gates the led into the old city.

Originally known as Porta Guiliana in honour of Giulio Savorgano the engineer that designed
and erected the walls.

Nicosia . Cyprus | 2020
7 Feb 2020

Flamingos at Larnaca Salt Lake/b>

Hundreds of migratory pink flamingos call the glistening salt lake in Larnaca home in winter between
the wetter months of November and March.

Flamingos flock to the island every year in search of what they regard as the most tasty
feast of all - brine shrimps.

Larnaca . Cyprus | 2020
6 Feb 2020

Church of St Lazarus in Larnaca

This 9th-century Church of St Lazarus (Agios Lazaros) is dedicated to Lazarus of Bethany,
whom Jesus is said to have resurrected 4 days after his death.

The church is an astounding example of Byzantine architecture, and further restoration in the
17th century saw Latinate and Orthodox influences added to the building.

The beautiful interior is a showcase of unique Catholic woodcarvings and skilled gold-plated
Orthodox icon artistry.

Larnaca . Cyprus | 2020
5 Feb 2020

Flight over London Eye

A plane soars over the London Eye, or the Millennium Wheel, is a
cantilevered observation wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames,
and an icon of London.

At 135 metres, it is Europe's tallest cantilevered observation
wheel and the most popular paid tourist attraction in the United
Kingdom with over 3.75 million visitors annually.

London . United Kingdom | 2020
4 Feb 2020

Thousands of Medical Workers on Strike to Close China Border as Carrie Lam Refused

Thousands of Hong Kong medical professionals began a five-day strike Monday after the
government refused their demand to shut all entry points from China amid a deadly virus
outbreak on the mainland. The virus has spread in the community and 15 cases have
been confirmed in Hong Kong.

Talks between the Hospital Authority Employees Alliance and the Hospital Authority failed
after the city’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam refused to attend negotiations on Sunday.

The Hospital Authority on Sunday warned that about half of all pre-booked operations at
public hospitals would have to be postponed if the strike goes ahead.

The Hospital Authority Employees Alliance today launched its first strike against non-
emergency services. At Queen Mary Hospital, the union set up a station outside the hospital to
allow the participating medical staff to sign in and register. There was a long queue at one time.

Some people wore white ribbons and distributed to passers-by a pamphlet entitled 'Strikes
- 5 Demands for Medical Care'. The elevator door was sprayed with 'United to Fight the
Epidemic', and 'Revolution of our Times' was written on the wall.

Participating physicians said that they had struggled before deciding to strike and feared
that it would affect the service to patients. They hope that the government will respond
to their demands as soon as possible so they can return to work.

About 99% of the 3,000 union members who voted Saturday backed the strike. The union
had expected that 3,000 members from general out-patient clinics and full-time medical
services would participate in the strike today. If the authorities do not respond to requests
including comprehensive border closure, they will mobilize another 6,000 members
to strike from tomorrow to Friday.

Pokfulam . Hong Kong | 2020
3 Feb 2020

Paula Gomez Frolics at Lingnan Garden

Paula Gomez, from the Philippines, love to dress up and frolic at Lingnan Garden
of Lai Chi Kok Park on Sunday.

Lingnan Garden features courtyards, winding corridors, structures of traditional
Lingnan designs, sculptures, bonsai collection and ponds, with beautiful scenery.

Mei Foo . Hong Kong | 2020
2 Feb 2020

Lingnan Garden of Lai Chi Kok Park

Lingnan Garden, with an area of 12,500 square metres inside Lai Chi Kok Park,
features courtyards, winding corridors, structures with traditional Lingnan
designs, sculptures and bonsai collection. About 20% of its total area is
dedicated to ponds and water features.

Mei Foo . Hong Kong | 2020
1 Feb 2020

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