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Global Climate March

Around 300 in Hong Kong join the climate rallies around the world to put
pressure on Paris climate summit to act. They march from Central Pier
to Golden Bauhinia Square in Wanchai on Sunday.

Japser Tsang, President of the Legislative Council and legislators Lee
Cheuk-yan, Cyd Ho and Claudia Mo plus Lam chiu-ying, former head of
the Observatory marched.

Central Hong Kong | 2015
30 Nov 2015

Grow and Glow X'mas

Enjoy some holiday magic with 'Grow and Glow Christmas is Beautiful' display
at IFC mall. The installation of seven four-story tall Christmas trees
suspended in mid-air is designed by architect Erik Amir. The trees
dance up and down when the music is playing.

Central Hong Kong | 2015
29 Nov 2015

Event Horizon

Event Horizon, British artist Antony Gormley's internationally acclaimed public
art project will be the largest and most prolific art installation in Hong Kong.
31 naked man sculptures are mounted at both street level and on rooftops in
Central and Western district looking out across the urban landscape.

'Event Horizon captures the particular time of a particular body: a subjective
place. The principle dynamic of the work is the relationship between imagination
and the horizon, involving the citizen in a game of seeking and perhaps finding,'
says Antony Gormley.

Central Hong Kong | 2015
28 Nov 2015

What's Next for Hong Kong
(Finalist for the 2015 Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize)

A protester with a yellow umbrella ponders where she will go next when there is
no light at the end of the tunnel, reflecting the current state of affairs for
Hong Kong since December 15, 2014, after 79 days of Umbrella Movement when
hundreds of thousands occupied the streets of Hong Kong to demand human
rights including democracy and genuine universal suffrage.

The United Nations Human Rights Committee expressed concern that the demand
of the Hong Kong people, enshrined in the International Covenant on Civil and
Political Rights (a landmark treaty signed by China in 1998) has not been met.

Central Hong Kong | 2014
27 Nov 2015

This photo is a finalist for the 2015 Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize
by the Justice Centre Hong Kong and will be exhibited at

Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize Exhibition

The Fringe Club Gallery
2 Lower Albert Road (at Wyndham St), Central, Hong Kong
(MTR Central Station - Exit D1 or D2)
December 4 (Fri from 4 pm) - December 10 (Thur)
10 am - 10 pm daily (Closed Sunday)
Admission: Free

The winners of the prize will be announced and awards presented at

Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize Charity Auction

December 10 (Thur), 7-10pm (International Human Rights Day)
RSVP essential: info@justicecentre.org.hk or call 3109 7359
HK$300 suggested donation at the door

Central Hong Kong | 2014
4 Dec 2015

2015 Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize finalists covered by South China Morning Post.

2015 Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize finalists covered by Loop.

2015 Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize finalists covered by Hong Kong Free Press.

2015 Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize finalists covered by Timeout Hong Kong.

World's Smallest Frog

Gardiner's Seychelles frog (Sooglossus gardineri), the smallest frog in the
world, lives in Morne Seychellois National Park on the main island of Mahe,
Seychelles. It reaches a maximum length of 11 millimetres (0.4 in), and
newly hatched frogs measure only 3 millimetres (0.1 in) in length.
Adult males are only 8 mm long.

This is discovered with the kind assistance of Sunju Lama, a tourist police
of the park from Kathmandu, Nepal, who is holding the frog in his hand.

Mahe Seychelles | 2015
26 Nov 2015

Snorkel Anse Lazio

Snorkeling at Anse Lazio, on the northwest coast of Praslin, yields a
healthy suppy of colourful reef fishes including a school of pompano
fish, sweetlips, butterfly fish, zebra fish, barracuda, batfish,
angel fish...

Praslin Seychelles | 2015
25 Nov 2015

Anse Lazio

Anse Lazio is a picture-postcard beach on the northwest tip of the island
of Praslin, Seychelles, lapped by turquoise water and good snorkeling
among the rocks.

Praslin Seychelles | 2015
24 Nov 2015

Curves at Vallee de Mai

Curves made by fallen leaves of the rare Coco de Mer Palm tree at Vallee
de Mai, a UN World Heritage on the island of Praslin, Seychelles.

Vallee de Mai is one of the two places in the world where you can see the
rare palm trees towering in their natural habitat (the other being the
nearby Curieuse Island).

Praslin Seychelles | 2015
23 Nov 2015

Trumpet and Zebra Fish

Snorkeling at Anse Severe, on the north coast of La Digue, is a rewarding
experience. Colourful reef fishes are plentiful including trumpet fish
a large school of zebra fish, wrasse, batfish, puffer fish, etc.

La Digue Seychelles | 2015
22 Nov 2015

Grand Anse on La Digue

Grand Anse, a long stretch of finely powdered sand with crashing waves and
glacis boulders on the east side is a great place to work on your tan.
It is on the island of La Digue, Seychelles, a tropical paradise.

La Digue Seychelles | 2015
21 Nov 2015

Sunset Over La Digue

Fiery sunset over the harbour of La Digue, a tropical island paradise with
gorgeous beaches, tangled jungles in Seychelles.

La Digue Seychelles | 2015
20 Nov 2015

Anse Source d'Argent

Anse Source d'Argent, with crystalline turquoise water framed by glacis boulders
on the island of La Digue, is the most photogenic of all Seychelles beaches.

La Digue is a tropical paradise with gorgeous beaches, tangled jungles
and tall trees. It managed to escape the rampant tourist development
that affects the main islands of Mahe and Praslin in Seychelles.

La Digue Seychelles | 2015
19 Nov 2015

Historic Kanti House

Colourful Kanti House is a historical building in Victoria, the capital,
main economical, political and commercial hub of Seychelles. It is
restored as an atmospheric shop that specialises in clothing.

Victoria Seychelles | 2015
18 Nov 2015

Sunset Over Beau Vallon Beach

Stunning sunset at Beau Vallon Beach, the most popular beach on Mahe, the
largest island of Seychelles where 90% of it population lives.

The Seychelles is home to perhaps the sexiest beaches in the world, with
talcum-powder beaches lapped by topaz water. One of National
Geographic's 50 Places of a Lifetime.

Beau Vallon Seychelles | 2015
17 Nov 2015

Arts in the Park Grand Parade

Gigantic puppets and hundreds of young people with professional artists in
colourful carnival costumes cruise the busy streets of Causeway Bay on
Sunday to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Art in the Park Mardi Gras.
Thousands of local and overseas spectators pack the busy district to
enjoy this annual community arts extravaganza.

Causeway Bay Hong Kong | 2015
16 Nov 2015

Dazzling Night Parade

Giant glowing puppets give a dazzling parade in Causeway Bay in Hong Kong as
an extension of the Arts in the Park Mardi Gras programme in Victoria Park.
Eight gigantic illuminated puppets created by local professional artists
and members of the Lantern Company, an internationally-acclaimed
UK-based art group, wow the crowd.

Causeway Bay Hong Kong | 2015
15 Nov 2015

Tibet Film & Culture Fest

The Third Hong Kong Tibet Film and Cultural Festival, through 15 November, includes
art exhiition, film and documentary screening as well as art performances to
highlight Tibetan culture and the threats it is facing, drawing parallels
with the current political situation in Hong Kong.

Causeway Bay Hong Kong | 2015
14 Nov 2015

James McGrath's Ocular/Fleurs

Australian artist James McGrath kicks off his second solo show 'Ocular/Fleurs'
with classical still life of flowers and peacocks in mind-bending mirror balls
re-imagined as sensuous 17th century paintings.

The show offers a glimpse into the mind of the artist and the sensual world
he depicts at The Cat Street Gallery through 26 Novemer.

Sheung Wan Hong Kong | 2015
13 Nov 2015

Kowloon King Forever

"King's Forever" is a selection of works by the late Tsang Tsou-choi, King of
Kowloon, a street art legend in Hong Kong, who unique calligraphy graffiti
was all over the city for a few decades.

The graffiti has been spotted at many places on the streets of Hong Kong,
ranging from lampposts, utility boxes, pillars, pavements, street furniture,
and building walls, to an occasional car. The exhibition is at Room S401,
PMQ until 30 November.

Some of his works were documented here.

SOHO Hong Kong | 2015
12 Nov 2015

Every Breaking Wave

Iranian artist Golnaz Fathi, who divides her time between Tehran and Paris,
presents abstract paintings rooted in Persian calligraphy in her debut solo
exhibition 'Every Breaking Wave' in Hong Kong at Sundaram Tagore Gallery
until 6 December.

Drawing on her extensive training as a classical calligrapher, Fathi uses
texts and letters as formal elements, transforming traditional calligraphy
into a personal artistic language.

Central Hong Kong | 2015
11 Nov 2015

Street Art by Lek & Sowat

Street art by Parisian artist Lek and Sowat at Mee Lun Street, Sheung Wan,
part of the 'Far East Far West' Graffiti Hub exhibition to commemorate
the 20th anniversary of Agnes b, grand dame of the French fashion world,
in Hong Kong.

Sheung Wan Hong Kong | 2015
10 Nov 2015

Natalie Loves Italian Wines

Natalie Holm from Brisbane loves wine and helps in introducing more than 2,000
small-batch, artisanal wines from Italian small vineyards to Hong Kong and
the global market. Many of these vineyards have never distributed
their products outside of their native soil.

Chaiwan Hong Kong | 2015
9 Nov 2015

Legislators Lead Thousands in Pride Parade

Legislators Leung Kwok-hung (aka Long Hair) and Ray Chan Chi Chuen lead over
9,500 carrying a signature giant rainbow banner in Hong Kong's Pride Parade
Saturday afternoon demanding equality.

The activists marched from Victoria Park in Causeway Bay to Government
headquarters in Admiralty, with broad support from the local
as well as international community.

Causeway Bay Hong Kong | 2015
8 Nov 2015

My news report and more photos on the Front Page of
Award-winning International Newswire

Street Art by Baudelocque

Street art by French artist Philippe Baudelocque at Shin Hing Street, Sheung
Wan, part of the 'Far East Far West' Graffiti Hub exhibition to commemorate
the 20th anniversary of Agnes b, grand dame of the French fashion world,
in Hong Kong.

Sheung Wan Hong Kong | 2015
7 Nov 2015

Mariano's Geometric Abstraction

A chance to get immersed in 'Geometric Abstraction' through the eyes of an
Argentine artist, Mariano Ferrante, one of the most dynamic and innovative
young successors of a long tradition of geometric abstract masters from
South America, at Puerta Roja gallery until 20 December.

The intense use of colour and changing patterns give the creations an
an impressive and sonorous vibrancy.

Sai Ying Pun Hong Kong | 2015
6 Nov 2015

The Fight

A friendly fight at a butcher shop in Shamshuipo.

Shamshuipo Hong Kong | 2015
5 Nov 2015

Mexican Big Bang

A selection of 26 remarkable artworks by famous Mexican abstract painter
Roberto Turnbull is on display for the first time in East Asia, in
'Mexican Big Bang' at The University Museum and Art Gallery
until 29 November.

Pokfulam Hong Kong | 2015
4 Nov 2015

Heart Pandas

Over 60 gaint panada art pieces, sculpted in different poses and uniquely
painted individually, take over 1881 Heritage in Tsimshatsui till 4 Nov.
The Heart Panadas project with the theme "Let's Love" aims to promote pulic art and raise money for charity.

Tsimshatsui Hong Kong | 2015
3 Nov 2015

Man Mo Temple Autumn Rites

A hundred-feet long dragon dances along Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan before landing
at Man Mo Temple, built in 1847 and one of the oldest temple in Hong Kong, during
the annual autumn sacrificial rites and parade in honour of the 145th anniversary
of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.

Sheung Wan Hong Kong | 2015
2 Nov 2015

Tijana Heads 'The Other Hundred'

Tijana Zderic, from Bosnia-Herzegovina, is the Project Manager for The Other Hundred
the non-profit photo book project of Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT) - that aims
to provide a counterpoint to the mainstream media consensus about some of the most
important issues of today.

Through an annual series of books, The Other Hundred introduces readers to the vast
majority of people, ideas, places and cultures simply ignored by most major media.
It provide an alternative and refreshing view on everything from people and
their homes to performers, chefs and authors.

Quarry Bay Hong Kong | 2015
1 Nov 2015

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