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Silver Grass of Tung Yeung Shan at Sunset

Tung Yeung Shan is located in Sai Kung District, 533 metres above sea level, where
one can enjoy fine views of Kowloon Peak, Tate's Cairn and Tsz Wan Shan, Pak Sha Wan
and West Buffalo Hill. Silver grass flourishes during the autumn season and it is also
an ideal place to watch sunrise.

Sai Kung . Hong Kong | 2020
30 Nov 2020

Paragliding at Ngong Ping

Ngong Ping Plain is one of the favourite spots for paragliding in Hong Kong. It offers
spectacular view of Sai Kung and Ma On Shan area, plus relatively easy access.

The Civil Aviation Department has designated eight areas around Hong Kong for
paragliding, including Long Ke Wan, Pak Tam Au, Pat Sin, Ma On Shan, Sai Wan, Shek O,
South Lantau East and South Lantau West.

Ma On Shan . Hong Kong | 2020
29 Nov 2020

Christmas Market at Landmark

Known for its grand annual Christmas settings, Landmark adds a traditional European Christmas
market to the scene at its atrium this year, through 31 December.

Central . Hong Kong | 2020
28 Nov 2020


A Caterpillar is the larval stage of butterflies and moths. It hatches from a tiny egg and will
eventually pupate and turn into an adult butterfly or moth within 2 to 4 weeks.

Tung Ping Chau . Hong Kong | 2020
27 Nov 2020

Sai Kung Sea Viewed from Ngong Ping

Ma On Shan Country Park, located in eastern New Territories, has a lot of beautiful landscapes. It
takes about an hour to reach Ngong Ping Plain on the Ma On Shan Country Trail from the Ma
On Shan barbeque site, and one can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Sai Kung Sea.

Ngong Ping Plain is about 400 metres above sea level, about 70 metres long, and 30 metres wide.
There is a viewpoint and seats, overlooking the Sai Kung Sea. On a fine day, Kau Sai Chau and
High Island Reservoir are clearly visible.

Transportation: From Yiu On Estate or MOSTown in Ma On Shan, take NR84 Village Bus and get
off at the Ma On Shan Village terminus. Hiking up to Ngong Ping Plain along the Ma On Shan
Country Trail wilk takes about half an hour, and the total journey takes about 1 to 2 hours.

Ma On Shan . Hong Kong | 2020
26 Nov 2020

Historical Kun Ting Study Hall

On Ping Shan Heritage Trail in Yuen Long, Kun Ting Study Hall was built in 1870 by Tang Heung-chuen of
the 22nd generation of the Tang Clan to commemorate his father Tang Kun-ting. The study hall provided
facilities for both ancestral worship and education. Despite the abolition of imperial civil service
examinations in the early 20th century, the study hall continued to provide educational facilities for
the clan's younger generations until the early post-Second World War period. The study hall was
restored to its original splendour in 1991 thanks to a donation from the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

The Study Hall is a two-hall building with a single courtyard. It is made of grey bricks and granite
columns. The distinguished design of the ancestral altar, brackets, screen panels, wall paintings,
ridge decorations, fascia boards and plaster mouldings inside the study hall reflect the high
level of skill of the craftsmen of the period in which it was built.

Yuen Long . Hong Kong | 2020
25 Nov 2020

High Island Reservoir East Dam

The east dam of High Island Reservoir in Sai Kung is one of the major attractions of the Hong
Kong UNESCO Global Geopark. The environment is beautiful, and there are many unique and historical
attractions, such as the rare extensive volcanic pillars, sea caves, breakwaters, etc. The
scenery is spectacular, and one can't help but marvel at the extraordinary craftsmanship of
nature. Many people come to hike, watch sunrise, and take pictures.

The dolosse of the East Dam are imposing concrete blocks in a complex geometric
shape to protect the dam from the erosion caused by ocean waves.

Transportation: Take bus No. 94 from Sai Kung city centre or bus 96R from Diamond Hill
MTR Station (weekends and public holidays only), get off at Pak Tam Chung, and transfer
to minibus 9A (Sunday and public holidays 15:00-18:00, every 20-25 minutes, return 15:20-19:00),
or walk 9 km or take a taxi. Remember to arrange with the taxi driver for return.

Sai Kung . Hong Kong | 2020
24 Nov 2020

Abandoned Three-storey Western-style Mansion

A 3-storey Western-style mansion, with a terrace on the second floor, a bar, and a swimming pool
in the garden at the back. The mansion has been abandoned for many years. The interior is
dilapidated and full of waste, graffiti is everywhere, and trees and vines grow outside the house.

Urban exploration is based on the principles of take nothing except picture, leave no trace and
not revealing the location.

Hong Kong | 2020
23 Nov 2020

St Mary's Church Blending Chinese-Anglican Design

Sheng Kung Hui St Mary's Church of Causeway Bay, was established in 1911. It has a unique Chinese-
Anglican architectural design by Chau Lu-Nin and Richard Lee. Red brick walls are embellished with
Chinese pillars and stained-glass windows. Inside, a Chinese cloud motif appears on pews and walls.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2020
21 Nov 2020

Kacey Wong Provokes Thinking on 'Leaving or Staying'

Visual artist Kacey Wong exhibited his "Leaving or Staying with the Triad" series, including a batch of
blood-stained knives, a set of broken beer bottles, Triad-style boxing sandbags training ground, etc.
The underworld seems to provide a shortcut for rapid growth. "Through violence and money, children
can turn into adults overnight." It provokes thinking and imagination when people in the city are once
again stuck in the choice between leaving or staying.

In the new Hong Kong Literature Season hosted by the Hong Kong House of Literature, the 'Leaving or
Staying: Literature × Visual Arts Exhibition' is held at Pao Gallery of Art Centre through December 6.

The exhibition showcases the work of 12 authors, each paired with an artist. They are divided into two
groups, 'departures' and 'arrivals.' Literary works and artworks, completed in different periods and
created in different categories, interact with each other, generating novel and interesting collisions.

The 12 groups of participating authors and artists include: Dung Kai-cheung x Kacey Wong, Poon
Kwok-ling x Pak Sheung-chuen, etc.

Wanchai . Hong Kong | 2020
21 Nov 2020

Mural by Bao at K11

A mural by Bao Ho, Hong Kong's 'Queen of Street Art', at K11 Art Mall, the first Hong Kong's art-themed
shopping centre, located in Tsimshatsui.

Bao is an artist who loves freestyle and mainly works with mural art and illustration. Starting her
career in 2015, she has collaborated with different international brands. Bao is also the champion
of Secret Walls Hong Kong series 3. She has traveled and worked on projects in all corners of the
world from Australia, Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, Indonesia, Italy to the Czech Republic.

Tsimshatsui . Hong Kong | 2020
20 Nov 2020

Race Course Fire Memorial

The Race Course Fire Memorial was built in 1922 to to pay respects to all those who died during a
catastrophic fire that swept through the Happy Valley racecourse on 26 February 1918, claiming
more than 600 lives of various nationalities. The Memorial, which is situated on the hillside
above the present Hong Kong Stadium at So Kon Po, Causeway Bay, is managed by the
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.

The Memorial shows great architectural talent, wisely combining both Western classical as well
as traditional Chinese architectural elements. It was declared a monument in 2015.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2020
19 Nov 2020

Silver Grass at Robin's Nest

Robin's Nest (aka Red Flower Ridge), at 492 metres high, is the highest peak in the northern New
Territories. It is located in the northern border area, adjacent to Sha Tou Kok and Ta Kwu Ling,
and to the north is the Wutongshan National Park in Shenzhen.

No red flower can be seen on Robin's Nest. Walking along the ridge, it is not difficult to find silver grass,
aka Miscanthus. After enjoying the fabulous scenery and silver grass, you can go downhill to the north
to visit the peaceful Lin Ma Hang Village on the border and Ip Ting-sz former residence, a declared
monument. Ip and Sun Yat-sen jointly initiated the overseas Chinese support for the 1911 revolution.

She Tau Kok . Hong Kong | 2020
18 Nov 2020

I Shing Temple of Wang Chau

I Shing Temple (also known as I Shing Kung) was built by the residents of six villages namely, Sai Tau
Wai, Tung Tau Wai, Lam Uk Tsuen, Chung Sum Wai, Fuk Hing Tsuen and Yeung Uk Tsuen in Wang
Chau, Ping Shan, Yuen Long.

The Temple, which literally means a 'temple of two gods', was originally a small temple for the worship of
the deities Hung Shing and Che Kung. According to the inscriptions on the temple bell, which is the oldest
surviving relic, the temple was probably built in the 57th year of the Kangxi reign (1718) of the Qing dynasty.

It is a grey-brick, two-hall structure with an open courtyard and a chamber on each side. A full restoration
of the temple was undertaken by the Architectural Services Department in 1996 and was then declared
a monument.

Yuen Long . Hong Kong | 2020
17 Nov 2020

Dan Explores Mysterious Abandoned Mines

Dan, who loves urban exploration and photography, explores an abandoned huge mine cave. Although
the mine tunnel in the cave is closed, the entrance lobby is still kept intact and has 4 entrances. The
mine is in disrepair for a long time, with many deadly traps inside, such as a 10-metre-high ventilation
shaft, pools, bats, etc. There have been accidents in the past while explorating the mine.

There is a dark cave on the right side of the large mine. It is advisable to bring a headlight or flashlight
into the cave. Be careful about your head bumping into the roof of the cave. It takes about 1 minute
to pass through cave. On exiting the cave, the breathtaking scenery awaits.

It was once the site of the largest mine in Hong Kong, mainly for extracting lead, zinc, pyrite and other
minerals. The mine started in the early 19th century and entered its heyday in the 1930s. During the
Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, they took over the mines for lead to make weapons. During
World War II, the mine was severely damaged, and the production was greatly reduced. Later,
due to dropping lead prices, it eventually ceased operation in the early 1960s.

The mine is now abandoned, with 5 to 6 ruins. The largest, with 4 openings, has tunnels extending in
all directions; some mines have become bat habitats and were listed as sites of special scientific
value in 1994. The authorities also closed the mine to prohibit visitors from entry.

This article aims at the introduction of the story and history behind the abandoned places, and urban
exploration is based on the principle of 'not revealing the location' and 'keeping everything intact'.

Hong Kong | 2020
16 Nov 2020

Karma Explores Secret WWII Fortification

Karma, a multi-talented artist, photographer, traveler, composer, writer and avid urban explorer, surveys
Shing Mun Redoubt, a complex network of abandoned World War II tunnels and fortification.

The Shing Mun Redoubt is the heart of the remains of an extensive British military defensive
line used against the Japanese during WWII. Located in the Shing Mun Reservoir area,
it stretches for 18 km loosely tracing the border between Kowloon and the New Territories.

The 'Gin-Drinkers Line' took 2 years to build and fell after just 2 days during the Battle of
Hong Kong in December 1941. The deep defensive tunnels with ventilation shafts
and observation points were named after London streets to make life easier and more familiar
for the British soldiers based there.

Tsuen Wan . Hong Kong | 2020
15 Nov 2020

Christmas Illuminations Lit-up Tsimshatsui East

This year's "Festive Illuminations Tsimshatsui East 2020" event marks its 38th anniversary. Starting
from November 5, the exterior wall of multiple buildings in the district and along the promenade are
lit up at the same time, illuminatinh Victoria Harbour with beautiful Christmas lights. Many shopping
malls and hotels in Tsimshatsui will continue to have different Christmas lighting to celebrate the
upcoming holiday, including Tsimdhatsui Centre, Empire Centre, Nanyang Centre, along Mody
Road, Kowloon Shangri-la Hotel, Regal Kowloon Hotel, etc. There will be many gorgeous lighting
decorations. It becomes a romantic Christmas photo opportunity.

The multimedia curtain wall lighting at Tsimshatsui Centre and Empire Centre is composed of 82,000
color-changing LED lights, filling the sky with lights with a very romantic atmosphere driven by
happy and dynamic rhythms.

Lights up from November 5 to January 1, 6 to 11 pm.

Tsimshatsui East . Hong Kong | 2020
13 Nov 2020

Terrazzo Stairs of Tong Lau

A restored 1950s historic Tong Lau (Chinese tenement building), with terrazzo stairs.

Terrazzo is a decorative material. It is characterized by its long-lasting colour, high plasticity, and a
seamless application that is easy to clean. Before the war or in the 50s and 60s, it was often used
in places frequently touched by people. For example, stairs, halls, or market countertops. Terrazzo
is actually a Western-style imitation stone craft, commonly known as "Italian plaster". Hong Kong's
terrazzo is made of cement mixed with quartz stone instead of marble pieces in Italian plaster.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2020
13 Nov 2020

'End of One Country Two Systems' in Hong Kong Amidst Strong Global Condemnation

This is the darkest day for Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam asked Beijing for help to disqualify (DQ) 4 pro-democracy
legislators, alleging that according to the decision of the Standing Committee of the National
People's Congress on November 11, Alvin Yeung, Kwok Ka-ki, Kenneth Leung and Dennis
Kwok immediately lost their qualifications as members of the Legislative Council.

Wu Chi-wai, convener of the democratic council, criticized Beijing and the Hong Kong government,
and pointed out 'today is the end of One Country, Two Systems.' To stand with the disqualified
members, the other 15 pan-democrat legislators resigned en masse today and turned their
efforts to fight for democracy in a new way.

The incident triggered condemnation from the International community. British Foreign Minister
Dominic Raab stated that 'China's decision to arbitrarily remove elected pro-democracy Hong
Kong legislators from their positions represents a further assault on Hong Kong's high degree
of autonomy and freedoms under the UK-China Joint Declaration.' 'This campaign to harass,
stifle and disqualify democratic opposition tarnishes China's international reputation and
undermines Hong Kong's long-term stability.'

The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, composed of more than 100 members of the European
Parliament from 18 countries, issued a statement, condemning the move as a 'blatant attack' on
Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy and 'flagrant violation of international laws.'

The Peak . Hong Kong | 2020
12 Nov 2020

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Siege of Chinese University Anniversary Exhibition Forced to Remove Sensitive Slogans

On November 11 last year, a large number of riot police entered Bridge No. 2 at Chinese University of Hong
Kong (CUHK), and large-scale clashes broke out. The CUHK Student Union is holding a one-week exhibition
at the University Cultural Plaza to commemorate the first anniversary of the 'Siege of Chinese University'.

The CUHK administration earlier alleged that promotional posters with the banner of 'Free Hong
Kong, Revolution of Our Time' were illegal and demanded that they be removed. The
university claimed to have the right to prohibit non-compliant activities. The student union was
repeatedly interviewed by various university and college officials, and was put under great
pressure to remove the sensitive banner and slogans in order to hold the event as scheduled.

Today, a large number of citizens, students, and reporters visited the exhibition at the CUHK Cultural Plaza.
Auntie Wong, who often participated in anti-extradition protests, was also there with a yellow umbrella.

Siege of CUHK Exhibition and 'Write with You' Station
Date: November 11 to 18
Time: 11 am to 7 pm
Venue: Chinese University Cultural Plaza

Ma Liu Shui . Hong Kong | 2020
11 Nov 2020

Kowloon International Trade and Exhibition Centre

The Kowloon International Trade and Exhibition Centre is located in the core commercial zone of Kowloon
Bay, Hong Kong. It is a comprehensive entertainment and exhibition trade commercial building integrating
commercial, conference and exhibition, entertainment and shopping purposes, with a total floor area
of 1.76 million square feet. The Centre is equipped with advanced and complete multi-purpose event
venues, suitable for holding various large and small banquets, company gatherings, seminars,
concerts, exhibitions, trade fairs and entertainment projects.

Kowloon Bay . Hong Kong | 2020
10 Nov 2020

Mysterious Red Shoes & Mirrors at Abandoned English Mansion

There is a Grade II historic mansion with red brick wall and a 2-storey British architecture. The second floor
has a balcony, with white beam columns and a semi-circular roof. There is a European-style fountain in
front, standing out when compared to the surrounding low-rise buildings. The house has been abandoned
for decades without repair, lots of junk and miscellaneous items inside with bushes and vines outside.

It is suspected a mysterious ceremony has been performed on the second floor, leaving 10 red
embroidered shoes and 8 mirrors in formation, adding to the enigma.

The mansion was owned by a rich Choi family. After the death of the owner in 1944, the family members
moved away and the house abandoned. It was said that 7 people were drowned there and it is haunted.
Rumours have it that during the night, some people heard the women screaming and crying.

In 2007, it was listed as a Grade I historical building and downgraded to Grade II in 2010.

Hong Kong | 2020
9 Nov 2020

Wong Nai Chung Reservoir

Wong Nai Chung Reservoir, located at Wong Nai Chung Gap, was built in 1899 and is the third
reservoir constructed in Hong Kong. With the completion of other larger reservoirs, the
function of Wong Nai Chung Reservoir gradually diminished, and in 1986 it was transformed
into the first sampan rowing park in Hong Kong. In February 2017, the contractor providing
the service decided not to submit a bid and finally closed the business.

Wong Nai Chung Gap . Hong Kong | 2020
8 Nov 2020

Pillbox JLO1 at Wong Nai Chung Gap

During the defense of Hong Kong in World War II, Wong Nai Chung Gap was an important British
stronghold and battlefield. The pillbox (small concrete fort with machine guns) JLO1 and JLO2,
caused more than 600 casualties to the Japanese during the battle. (The total number of
Japanese casualties during the attack on Hong Kong was 2,754).

Today, the 2 pillboxes are still reasonably well preserved, and have become one of the attractions
of the Wong Nai Chung Gap Trail. On the left is a cylindrical periscope shaft, and on the right
a rectangular ventilation shaft. The main structure of the pilbox is underground.

Wong Nai Chung Gap . Hong Kong | 2020
7 Nov 2020

Microwave International New Media Arts Festival

Explore interactions between art and technology at Microwave International New Media Arts Festival
2020. With this year's theme, Sharp Chronicles, the main exhibition brings together works from
international artists, including Lawrence Abu Hamdan (Lebanon), Forensic Architecture (UK),
Don't Follow the Wind (Japan, US, Italy), Tao Ya-Lun (Taiwan), Critical Art Ensemble (US),
Tactical Tech (Germany), and more.

The show examines issues such as the current application of voice analysis as lie detection method
and the arbitrary nature of its verdict; the investigation of tear gas usage; misinformation;
environmental triage; virtual reality vs the real world, etc. There are short film screenings
(through Nov 22), and online events with local and international speakers.

Main show at City Hall Exhibition Hall, through November 8, 12-8 pm.

Central . Hong Kong | 2020
6 Nov 2020

Mother and Child at Monkey Hill

Named after its population of around 1,800 free-roaming wild Rhesus Macaques, Kam Shan
Country Park, locals call it Monkey Hill, is the domain of Hong Kong's wild chiefs.

Tsuen Wan . Hong Kong | 2020
5 Nov 2020

Abandoned Village House on Century-old Ancient Trail

The most distinctive element on the century-old Mau Ping Ancient Trail in Ma On Shan is this deserted
village house. More than 100 years ago, the ancient trail was the main route connecting Shatin and
Sai Kung. There were many villages here, and villagers from different villages built the trail.
Over the course of a century, all villages were deserted, and Mau Ping Village had long since
gone to ruins. The occupants were gone, leaving only dilapidated village houses, with
overgrown bushes and vines.

According to reports, this two-storey stone house was still inhabited by an elderly couple. After
the man's death in 2013, his wife moved out and the house has been abandoned since. On the other
side of the abandoned house, the ancient trail runs through other deserted houses in ruins.

Shatin . Hong Kong | 2020
4 Nov 2020

Carmen Explores Vine Creepers at Mau Ping

Carmen, an avid hiker, explores and jumps at the Vine Creepers at Mau Ping. This vine is a
super gigantic tree vine, also known as Entada phaseoloides. It is located near the grassland
at Mau Ping rest area in Sai Kung, leaning on the toilet of the abandoned village school.

The trunk of the vine creeper is thick and sturdy, rising from the ground in a twisting pattern.
Small vine branches radiate in all directions, criss-crossing, and some of them span the
mountain path like cables, looking very spectacular.

Sai Kung . Hong Kong | 2020
3 Nov 2020

Mexican Mariachi Band Celebrates Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is one of Mexico's most iconic holidays that runs over the
first 2 days of November. Named as Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO in 2008, the
festival is when Mexicans remember and honour their deceased loved ones, full of colours
and life-affirming joy.

A Mariachi band with musicians wearing charro suits, a Mexican cowboy wear from the state
of Jalisco, celebrated the the event at K11 Musea in Tsimshatsui. Mariachi is Mexico's most
emblematic music tradition that dates back to the 18th century.

Tsimshatsui . Hong Kong | 2020
2 Nov 2020

Artists Herakut Showcase 'Silent Battle' at disCONNECT

Berlin-based artist duo HERAKUT's cardboard installation 'Silent Battle' presents children
engaged in various competitive games against an assortment of characters. Suggestive of an
imaginary world conjured up to combat childhood isolation.

disCONNECT presents site-specific works from 14 artists working across 8 countries, showcasing
works of art that prompt reflection of the human need for a sense of belonging and the thirsting
to be connected physically and emotionally in moments of isolation, an extension to the
recent London exhibition.

Participating artists:
Adam Neate (UK); Aida Wilde (Iran); Alex Fakso (Italy); Mr. Cenz (UK); David Bray (UK); Go Hung
(Hong Kong); Jaffa Lam (Hong Kong); Kacey Wong (Hong Kong); Herakut (Germany); Icy and
Sot (Iran); Isaac Cordal (Spain); Wong Ting Fung (Hong Kong); Vhils (Portugal); Zoer (Italy).

Exhibition Period: 11 October – 29 November 2020
Time: Noon – 8pm (Wed – Sun)
Venue: Restored 1950s historic tenement building (2-4/F 14 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2020
1 Nov 2020

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