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Unscrupulous Shops Raise Price after Long Lines for Masks Citywide

The epidemic of Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread, making mask wearing an essential
defense. For the past few days, Hong Kong citizens rushed around to search for masks,
and Macau, which is close to Hong Kong, has already announced that those who hold
Macao resident ID cards or foreign workers blue cards can buy from 54 pharmacies
under the government link 10 masks for $8 at a time to ensure that everyone has a mask.
However, the Hong Kong government does nothing to facilitate the public to buy masks at a
reasonable cost. Even pro-establishment legislators have criticised the government for inaction.

Yesterday, the first day after the Lunar New Year holiday, thousands of citizens searched
for masks everywhere in different districts. In order to buy masks, citizens lined up
overnight ouside chainstores with supplies. However, owing to overwhelming
demand, most in the end went away with disappointment.

There are sporadic availability of masks. Some pharmacies still have small quantities, but
the price of masks has soared more than 10 times. A box of 50 masks from Sifoo Pharmacy
opposite Times Square in Causeway Bay sells for $500. There are consignment masks at
the nearby mobile phone shop, 45 for $600.

Bonjour chain store stated on Facebook that there will be replenishment of Korean masks
at noon today. Each person is limited to 2 packs of 5 masks at $30 each, limited quantity,
first come first served. Available at the Bonjour branches in Causeway Bay, Mong Kok
and Tsimshatsui.

At 10 am, hundreds of people have lined up at Bonjour, 5 Jardine's Bazaar, Causeway Bay,
waiting for the door to open at noon, and the queue extended to Lee Garden Two.

After opening at noon, South Korean masks were available, packs of 5 for $30, limited
to 2 packs, which was equivalent to 50 masks for $300.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2020
31 Jan 2020

Message - Art Installation

Message, an interactive art installation by art group EXP+ at In-Park
(Industrial Park) in Kwun Tong, re-interprets the relationship between
people and electronics using simple electronic switches. A push of a
switch illuminates a single dot on the map of the Kwun Tong district.

Kwun Tong . Hong Kong | 2020
30 Jan 2020

Vibrant Street Art

Vibrant Street Art in Wanchai, one of Hong Kong's most dynamic districts, with
a heady mix of old and new, and East meets West, and where hip bars and
happening restaurants mix with old tenement buildings and hidden
temples among the district’s towering skyscrapers.

Wanchai . Hong Kong | 2020
29 Jan 2020


Reflection of Vision City residential area on the glass facade of Citywalk,
one of the largest shopping centres in Tsuen Wan. It is jointly
developed by Sino Land and Urban Renewal Authority and opened
in December 2007.

Tsuen Wan . Hong Kong | 2020
28 Jan 2020

Lion Dance on Stilt

Lion dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture and other Asian
countries in which performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume to
bring good luck and fortune. The lion dance is usually performed during the
Chinese New Year and other Chinese traditional, cultural and religious festivals.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2020
27 Jan 2020

John Armleder Opens Clown's Way

John Armleder, contemporary Swiss artist from Geneva, kicks off Clown's Way, his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, at Massimo De Carlo Gallery, Pedder Building in Central, till 5 March. Lake Placid, one of his puddle paintings, take shape as the artist pours painting on the canvases from above by taking advantage of the force of gravity.

Central . Hong Kong | 2020
26 Jan 2020

Lucky Tangerines for the New Year

Happy New Year!

North Point . Hong Kong | 2020
25 Jan 2020

Peach Blossom for New Hong Kong

Seven Months of Sweat and Tears
Peach Blossom for New Hong Kong

Sheung Wan . Hong Kong | 2020
24 Jan 2020

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Over 100 in Central Flashmob at IFC 'Lunch with You'

Today, office workers in Central continued their “lunch with you” flashmob and protested
in the International Finance Centre (IFC Mall), a landmark of Hong Kong.

Demonstrators pointed out: the Mainland condoned Wuhan's coronavirus, but the Hong
Kong government failed to keep it out. Police brutality threatening public safety and the
rule of law, and Hong Kong's core values are being eroded …. Be brave to guard our city.

At 1 pm, more than a hundred people gathered at the IFC Mall. Some people raised the
black flag of 'Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Time'. An Italian tenor led the singing
of 'Glory to Hong Kong' and other protest songs. Later, the protest moved to the plaza
outside the Exchange Square and the demonstrators chanted, '5 Demands, Not One Less'
and other slogans, attracting many passers-by.

Central . Hong Kong | 2020
23 Jan 2020

Social Democrats Protest Shutdown of Lunar New Year Stall as 'Political Persecution'

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) had previously banned the
selling dry goods (non-flower) during the Lunar New Year's Market at Victoria Park,
and yesterday shut down and clear 2 market stalls of the League of Social Democrats
(LSD) after they were deemed political and in breach of their lease.

LSD met with the FEHD yesterday afternoon. After unsuccessful attempts to negotiate,
the department announced the unilateral termination of the contract. Avery Ng,
Chairman of LSD, criticised that the FEHD did not listen to their reasoning. Unilateral
termination of the contract is the suppression of the freedom of speech and political
persecution of Hong Kong people. The FEHD stated that the company's agreement
was terminated for violating Article 1 of the Second Schedule of the Concession
Agreement, which is unprecedented.

LSD leased two stalls for selling flowers at the Lunar New Year's Market, and posted
anti-extradition protests display boards for publicity. The FEHD believes that even
the displays are unrelated to the purpose of selling flowers. The police brutality
exhibits made visitors' 'enjoyment of the atmosphere of Chinese New Year reduced.'
Avery Ng criticised that 'the most loss is not about money, but the freedom of the
Hong Kong people.' The Department did not listen to his reasoning and unilaterally
terminated the contract and closed the stalls before the meeting. The approach
was extremely unreasonable. 'Inability to contain coronavirus but eager to do
political persecution'. As a result, the LSD lost over $40,000.

At about 5 pm yesterday, more than a dozen FEHD staff and outsourced workers cleared
the LSD's 2 market stalls and removed banners with anti-extradition slogans, as well as
political cartoons, by the famous political cartoonist Zunzi, which include chief executive
Carrie Lam and Commisioner of Police PK Tang and President Xi Jinping.

Over 10 members of LSD including Avery , Leung Kwok Hung (Long Hair), and Tsang
Kin-sing (Bull) went to the FEHD headquarters at Admiralty at 11 am to protest its
'inability to contain coronavirus but eager to do political persecution'. The
department sent a representative to receive the protest petition.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2020
22 Jan 2020

Rally at Yuen Long for July 21 Terror Attack 6 Months O

Today is the 6-month anniversary of the 21 July Yuen Long Terrorist Attack. On that day,
people dressed in white attacked the public indiscriminately at the MTR West Rail Yuen
Long Station, causing a large number of citizens to be physically and psychologically
injured. However, after 6 months, most witnesses have not been approached by the
police, the government still refused to set up an independent commission of inquiry
to thoroughly investigate the incident. Kam Tin District Councilor Lee Chung-ki
launched the 'July 21 Screening Memorial' at Yuen Long West Rail Station Exit G
at 7 pm and has received a letter of no objection.

Democratic Party Lam Cheuk-ting and Wan Shiu-kin held a press conference with 8
victims of July 21 today, accusing P K Tang, the Commissioner of Police, and the
police of failing to perform their duties to protect the citizens in the incident. Many
innocent citizens were injured and compensation was required in a planned civil suit.

At 7 pm, over 100 people gathered at the West Rail Yuen Long Station. Videos were
screened and photos displayed showing the terror attack on citizens indiscriminately
on 21 July, attracting many passers-by. Most of the demonstrators were in black and
wore masks, chanting slogans such as 'Free Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Time',
'July 21 Police Missing' and 'August 31 Police Murders'. At around 8 pm, the crowd
moved to YOHO Mall I for a sit-in protest.

Yuen Long . Hong Kong | 2020
21 Jan 2020

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Hundreds in Central Flashmob to Protest Limiting Freedom of Assembly

Netizens launched a 'Lunch with You' flashmob during lunchtime in Central today to protest
against the government limiting freedom of assembly and condonung police brutality
and arbitrary arrests. 'We can’t tolerate, we can’t accept and we can’t forget this'.

Yesterday, the lawful 'Global Sanctions' rally at Chater Garden was cut off by the police
followed by tear gas rounds and large-scale raids in less than two hours after kick-off.
The public is very angry.

Starting at 1 pm, hundreds of citizens and office workers gathered in the atrium and
balconies of the second and third floor of Landmark in Pedder Street, Central, chanting,
'5 Demands, Not One Less.' A black flag of 'Free Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Time'
was waved and a 'Free HK' light panel was displayed. Citizens chanted slogans such
as 'Disband the police force without delay.'

Central . Hong Kong | 2020
20 Jan 2020

'Global Sanctions' Rally Floods Chater - Exit Crowds Flows to Admiralty

As Hong Kong enters 2020, the government did not make any further concessions in the face
of the strong '5 demands' of the civil society. Faced with the unauthorized departure
of district officers from district council meetings, undercover police arresting young
people for taking pictures in public places, the Independent Police Complaints Council
delayed the submission of investigation report... the protests of Hong Kong people
have not ebbed. The Civil Assembly Team organized a rally today to show public
opinion to the international community, hoping that governments will implement
sanctions against Hong Kong officials and police who persecute Hong Kong people.

The Civil Assembly Team was originally scheduled to launch a 'Global Sanctions' march
today, but the police objected and the appeal was rejected. Only the rally received a
letter of no objection.

The theme of the rally was to urge the governments to implement democratic political
reforms immediately or face sanctions from other countries. In addition to Hong Kong,
22 cities in 12 countries around the world also held events today, including the United
States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

It was originally scheduled to start at Chater Garden at 3 pm, and a large number of
citizens have gathered at 2 pm. The rally will be conducted in a flowing manner. The
entire Chater Road will be the scope of the rally. Tens of thoysands flooded Chater
Garden and Chater Road. When the venue is full, the organizer called on some people
to exit to the east towards Admiralty to make room for new comers, undaunted by
massive riot police deployed in Central and Admiralty.

Central . Hong Kong | 2020
19 Jan 2020

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Future Pianist at National Kaohsiung Centre for the Arts

Talented 14 year-old Alexandre Ko plays the baby grand at National Kaohsiung Centre
for the Arts, the largest performing-arts centre in the world under a single roof.

  Opened in October 2018, the Centre, designed by the Dutch architecture firm
Mecanoo, spans 25 acres in the south of Taiwan. It was on Time Magazine's
2019 list of the World's 100 Greatest Places.

Kaohsiung . Taiwan | 2020
18 Jan 2020

Guomao Community in Kaohsiung

Dramatic residential blocks with curved facades encircle a diaspora community in the Guomao area.
About a dozen 12-storey buildings were constructed for the mainland Chinese soldiers of the
Republic of China navy and their families when an old military dependants' village had to be torn down.

A self-sufficient community frozen in time, you'll find here barbershops, clinics, a market and, most
famously, shops selling delicious mainland Chinese delicacies.

Kaohsiung . Taiwan | 2020
17 Jan 2020

Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Monastery in Taiwan

Covering 5 hills and 30 hectares, Taiwan's largest Buddhist monastery is considered as the centre
of Buddhism in the south. Founded in 1967 by Hsing Yun, the order promotes Humanistic Buddhism
and is known for its efforts in the modernization of Chinese Buddhism.

The Great Buddha Land consists of a giant standing Buddha surrounded by hundreds of smaller images.

Adjacent to the monastery is the Buddha Museum, a massive complex with 8 pagodas symmetrically
arranged along a boulevard, at the end of which is a main hall and a giant Shakyamuni Buddha. The
main hall has multiple shrines and several galleries of Buddhist relics and artefacts.

Fo Guang Shan . Taiwan | 2020
16 Jan 2020

Former Japanese Navy Fongshan Radio Station in Kaohsiung

Built in 1919, this mysterious national relic was a Japanese naval radio station that later became an interrogation
facility of political prisoners under the Republic of China, and then a disciplinary camp during the White Terror.

It includes an unnerving solitary confinement blockhouse that has padded walls.

Kaohsiung . Taiwan | 2020
15 Jan 2020

Pier-2 Art District of Kaohsiung

An attractive sprawl of old warehouses by the Kaohsiung harbour, creating an international art platform with the
concept of 'avant-garde, experimental and innovative'. It is separated by tree-lined boulevards, and
hosts shops, galleries, cafes and food trucks.

There are murals, street art, sculptures and installation art, along with old railway tracks, where people
enjoy picnics and fly kites at sunset; there are rides for children.

The southern city if Kaohsiung is the second largest city in Taiwan with its largest port.

Kaohsiung . Taiwan | 2020
14 Jan 2020

Don't Shoot Our Kids - Revolution of Our Times Photo Exhibition in Vancouver

6,000 people - most of them mothers, dressed in black holding carnations - joined a sit-in
against police brutality and the China extradition law - completely filled Chater Garden in
Central on 14 June 2019. Some raised "Don't shoot our kids", "Mother is Strong" and other
placards. On 12 June, police violently cleared the young protesters using tear gas, bean
bags and rubber bullets.

One of 2 images of this photographer that are selected in the Revolution of Our Times (RooT),
a multi-city photographic exhibition sharing the collective work of photojournalists who were on
the ground, covering the 2019 Anti-Extradition Law Protests in Hong Kong. The exhibition
seeks to illuminate stories and ideas that go far beyond the headlines of conventional media coverage.

Our fast moving global media environment tends to purge nuance, and gloss over complexity,
in favor of delivering small digestible bits of information. Revolution of Our Times embraces
complexity by exploring a variety of themes including: police intervention, control and
influence, the role and uses of power in society, cultural division with long histories,
the role of propaganda, leadership and resilience, and the effects of disruption to
the daily life of a society.

RooT endeavors to share this important body of work by bringing photos, artifacts, artwork,
and human stories to major world cities with the goal of making the struggle of the citizens
of Hong Kong real, and to put their fight into context. It will quickly become apparent that
despite the distance, cultural divide, and differing histories, there are a set of human
values for which we all yearn, and a brave and desperate few are willing to fight for.

We invite you to step out of our world for a moment, and join us on the streets of Hong Kong
and to experience the Revolution of Our Times.

The Polygon Gallery, 101 Carrie Cates Ct, North Vanvouver, British Columbia, Canada
V7M 3J4 | 16-26 Jan 2020
Photojournalist Talk | 22 Jan 2020 7-9 pm

Central . Hong Kong | 2020
13 Jan 2020

Thousands Rally in Central for Pre-Sanction March

A rally was initiated by a "Civil Assembly Team" at Edinburgh Place today from 3 pm to
5 pm. The rally called for 'immediate democratic political reform or sanctions by the world'
to press for political reform in 2020 or a march calling for international sanction is planned
next Sunday. A letter of no objection has been issued by the police.

At 3 pm, thousands of people filled Edinburgh Place in Central, chanting 'Fight for Freedom,
Stand with Hong Kong', '5 Demands, Not One Less', etc. Many US and UK flags are flying
and black flags of "Free Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Time" were raised.

Central . Hong Kong | 2020
12 Jan 2020

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Lennon Wall Day at Causeway Bay from Admiralty to Avoid Police

The anti-extradition protests son-going for 7 months. Netizens called on posting messages
at the Admiralty Lennon Wall from 2 pm today and at Lennon Walls in 18 districts all over
the city at 7-10 pm.

Police posted on their Facebook page at noon that 100 were arrested involving Lennon Wall
since June 9 last year, reminding the public to pay attention to their safety and express
their opinions in a peaceful and rational manner, rather than resorting to violence.
Sounds like a warning to the demonstrators.

At about 2 pm, more than a dozen special task police officers were on guard at Admiralty
Centre and the CITIC Tower pedestrian walkways. Dozens of people wearing masks gathered
near the Lennon Wall in Admiralty, staying for more than an hour, but no action was taken.

Around 4 pm, some participants from Admiralty took trams to the Percival Street pedestrian
walkway and posted messages plus posters there. There were no police officers on the
scene, but a police car was parked under the walkway. The crowd dispersed peacefully
after about 20 minutes.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2020
11 Jan 2020

Over 100 in Central Flashmob Undaunted by Riot Police

Citizens have launched "Lunch with You" flashmob in Central, Taikoo, Kwun Tong, Cheung
Sha Wan X Lai Chi Kok, San Po Kong and other districts today, calling on citizens to be
united and take aim at the authoritarian government.

At 12:45 pm, hundreds of citizens and office workers gathered at the pedestrian walkway
outside Worldwide House, chanting, '5 Demands, Not One Less.' A black flag of 'Free
Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times' was raised. The citizens chanted slogans such
as "Disband the police force without delay" . Someone raised a banner 'Hong Kong People,
Resist" in close range, undaunted by the dozens of riot police patrolling and harassing.

Central . Hong Kong | 2020
10 Jan 2020

Frog King Kwok The Living Legend

'Frog King Kwok, The Living Legend', is an epic and explosive new solo exhibition by Hong
Kong artist Frog King Kwok (aka Kwok Mang-ho, born 1947). The exhibition personifies
the force that Frog King has embodied for 50 years as an internationally recognized
and recognizable Hong Kong artist. The exhibition of new works incorporates his many
diverse and multifarious forms of art from painting, installation and sculpture and with a
new performance entitled “Smoke of Change” created specifically for the exhibition.

The eclectic and vibrant Frog King is an indomitable artist and is one of the most important
figures in the history of contemporary art in Hong Kong. He was a pioneer to experiment
in performance and conceptual practices in Hong Kong as early as the 1970s.

Closing party at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery.

SOHO . Hong Kong | 2020
9 Jan 2020

KATHAA - Folk Art and Stories from India

KATHAA, a week long festival celebrating Indian folk arts and artists for the first time
in Hong Kong, from 5 - 12 January.

Featuring 4 Indian artists - Venkat Shyam (Gond Artist), Anil Wangad (Warli Artist),
Apindra Swain (Pattachitra Artist), Ranjeet Jha (Madhubani Artist), live painting
exterior murals in various locations across Hong Kong, complemented by an
exhibition of the artists paintings at Gaylord Restaurant and Gunpowder Restobar.

The above are some of the folk art on the walls of Gunpowder Restobar in Wanchai.

Wanchai . Hong Kong | 2020
8 Jan 2020

Doraemon Joins Central Flashmob at IFC

Today, office workers in Central continued their "lunch with you" flashmob and protested
in the IFC Mall, a landmark of Hong Kong.

Demonstrators pointed out: The Mainland condoned Wuhan's atypical pneumonia, police
brutality threatening public safety and the rule of law, and Hong Kong's core values are
being eroded ... In this age of societal collapse, we must fight united and resolutely
and safeguard our city with courage.

At 12:45 pm, over 100 gathered at IFC Mall, chanting 'Free Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Time.'
Someone in Doraemon costume came to show his support for the protest. He raised his
hand when the protesters chanted "5 Demands, Not One Less." Lots of spectators
were attracted.

Central . Hong Kong | 2020
7 Jan 2020

Over 100 in Causeway Bay "Lunch with You" Flashmob

Anti-extradition protests is on-going. In the past few months, netizens have repeatedly
launched 'Lunch with You' protest flashmob activities in various districts. Today, they
called for "Lunch with you" flashmob in Times Square in Causeway Bay and Revenue
Tower in Wanchai.

At 12:45 pm, over 100 people gathered at Times Square in Causeway Bay, chanting
'5 Demands, Not One Less.' At 1 pm, they marched towards Heard Street in Wan
Chai and returned to Times Square. Someone held up a black banner reading
'Free Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Time' and chanted protest slogans. 4 police
vans were deployed along the way but there were no conflict.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2020
6 Jan 2020

Thousands March in Sheung Shui Against Parallel Traders

The problem of parallel traders in the North District could not be solved. As Chinese New
Year is approaching, and the area around Shek Wu Hui Market in Sheung Shui is again
full of parallel traders from Mainland shopping for milk powder and other supplies.
Democratic Party members from the North District and netizens co-organized a "'Walk
with You' rally and march in Sheung Shui today, hoping to raise the awareness of
residents to community issues and the government to pay attention to the
problems of parallel traders.

The rally met at 1:30 pm at Sheung Shui No. 1 Garden and the march started at 2.30 pm
ending at Exit A3 of Sheung Shui Station. Letter of no objection have been issued for
both the rally and the march.

At 1:30 pm, thousands gathered at Sheung Shui No. 1 Park. At the beginning of the rally,
they shouted "Drive away parallel imports, the only way out", "the government does
nothing, the residents act upon themselves.". At 2:30 pm, the march started. Someone
held up an umbrella that read "Go after Police Brutality, Independent Inquiry". The
crowd chanted "5 Demands, Not One Less", undaunted by the hundreds of riot
police deployed along the way.

Sheung Shui . Hong Kong | 2020
5 Jan 2020

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

10m Illustration at Mongkok Cafe Documents 6 Months of Protests

Artist Chan Ah-lac hand-painted illustrations of the half-year of anti-extradition protests on
the wall of Hop Fat Cafe in Mongkok. It is 10 metres long and about 1.5 metres high. Recently,
it has become a hot topic on social media. Many people made a special trip to view it.
Business is good and there is often a long queue outside.

The owner of the cafe, Eric, is a full-time interior designer. He said, 'the themes of illustration
are resistance, cats and food. As the cafe has two cat, they are also included. In addition,
the illustration includes The characters of the entire movement, such as a couple wearing
masks hugging in a subway station; Students holding their hands with a pen while forming
a human chain, I turned the pen into a drink; a protester holding a petrol bomb and a brick,
I changed it to a pineapple bun. Because the social atmosphere is too negative, I want it to
be positive when eating, and the diners can eat with a peace of mind, so I try not to be too
solumn in the design. So there is no popo in the work to prevent guests from feeling

Hop Fat Cafe, located on the ground floor of 981 Canton Road, Mongk!?:ok, is a yellow shop.
In November, it posted a notice saying "Police officers are not welcome". In terms of food,
the restaurant offers Hong Kong-style cafe (Cha-chaan Tang) such as scrambled egg and
shrimp with rice, egg white with toast and curry beef with rice.

Mongkok . Hong Kong | 2020
4 Jan 2020

Thousands Rally in Central Against White Terror in Education

The anti-extradition protests continued. About 80 teachers and teaching assistants were
arrested in the past six months. The Education Bureau sent a letter to the schools last
month, suggesting that the arrested and prosecuted teachers involved in riots should
be suspended. Kevin Yeung, Secretary for Education, said in a recent media interview
that if the school does not cooperate with the investigation of teachers, the Bureau
had the right to cancel the principal's qualification, which caused a backlash in
the education sector.

Fung Wai-wah, President of the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union (HKPTU), criticized
the repeated pressure from the Education Bureau to intimidate the education sector and
create white terror. A rally tonight was organised to show the government that the sector
resists political interference and defends the professionalism of teachers. It also plans to
launch a crowdfunding campaign to support suppressed teachers to counter
unreasonable prosecution.

HKPTU's Fung said that during the anti-extradition protests, the government ignored the
public's opinions with wrong assessments, aroused public indignation, and should correct
its mistakes, but now it is doing the opposite - blaming general education, teacher remarks,
impeding university funding, and more. He criticized the repeated pressure from the
Education Bureau to intimidate the education sector and create white terror, indicating that
the sector would not be muffled, and rally to resist political interference and defend
the teacher profession.

Tonight, HKPTU held a 'Anti-White Terror in Education' rally in Central. At 7 pm, a large
number of citizens filled the Edinburgh Place outside City Hall in Central. A large 'Free HK'
light panel was erected. A Pepe doll holding a plague 'Defend our profession, Safeguard
our conscience' was raised. Thousands arrived to protest against pressure from the
Education Bureau to intimidate the education community.

Central . Hong Kong | 2020
3 Jan 2020

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Hundreds in Central Flashmob To Protest Halting Legal March

The Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) launched a New Year's Day march yesterday. A China
Life Insurance shop in Wanchai was damaged during the march yesterday. Witnesses at
the scene questioned the two masked men as disguised police officers. They ran
towards the direction of more than a dozen riot police officers at the scene. After
the two yelled "same team" to the riot police, the police let them go.

Later, without any warning, police used pepper spray and tear gas rounds on the public.
The police soon use this as an excuse to halt the march and demanded that all citizens
be dispersed within 30 minutes. CHRF was forced to announce the end of the march.

Today, netizens organised a 'Lunch with You in Central' flashmob to complete the march
together to protest against the government's violation of freedom of assembly and
unreasonably cut off legal protest march. Starting at 12:45 pm, hundreds of people
and office workers gathered in Statue Square in Central and chanted '5 Demands,
Not One Less'. Someone raised a poster reading 'Standup for Hong Kong'.

At 1:15 pm, the crowd protested in front of HSBC, chanting slogans such as 'Halting March,
Everyone is Angry', undaunted by the dozen of riot police deployed.

Central . Hong Kong | 2020
2 Jan 2020

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Million March on 2020 New Year's Day Flooding Hong Kong Island

The anti-extradition movement in the second half of 2019 connected millions of Hong
Kong people and rewrote Hong Kong's history. A large number of citizens who have
never participated in any protest or march before joined in.

Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) held a 'Don't forget your commitment, Stand with us'
march today on January 1, 2020, and recently received a letter of no objection from
the police. The march starts from Victoria Park Central Lawn and ends at the
pedestrian zone on Chater Road, Central.

CHRF stated, 'Hong Kong people believe that there are still only 5 wishes for the new
year - 5 demands, not one less. In 2020, there is too much work to be done: Even if the
district councils achieve unexpected results, the community front must still fight for
the yellow economic circle and the trade union front must move slowly under pressure;
once street protests are relaxed, the government will settle the score.'

Starting at 1 pm, crowd began to gather on the central lawn of Victoria Park in Causeway
Bay, chanting, '5 Demands, Not One Less' and Free Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Time.'
Starting at 2 pm, the march started and crowds occupied all lanes of Causeway Road
and set off to Central, flooding the streets of Hong Kong Island. 1.03 million marched,
according to the organisers.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2020
1 Jan 2020

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

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