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Hong Kong-wide Human Chain Again on New Year's Eve Lit-up Tsimshatsui

On the last day of 2019, Hong Kong people are still protesting. On New Year's Eve, many
people continue to protest amidst the fanfare, including 'Shop with You on New Year's Eve',
'Suck The Eve', etc. A citywide human chain was built outside the Hong Kong MTR
stations, joining hands to light up the 'New Year Eve Way'.

At 7 pm, a large number of people gathered at Tsimshatsui Station near Sogo Department
Store. At 8 pm, a human chain began to be formed. At 8:31 pm, people stood in silence for
the passing of all who sacrificed on 31 August. Some held up black banners reading 'Free
Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times', some brought Pepe and Piggy dolls and used their
mobile phones to light up Nathan Road.

Tsimshatsui. Hong Kong | 2019
31 Dec 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Hundreds Mourn Anti-extradition Dead in Central

For over 6 months of the anti-extradition protests, at least 23 people have died. Today,
at 5 to 8:30 pm, a "The Grief of Us" rally was held at Edinburgh Place in Central to mourn
their passing and contributions. A letter of no objection had been issued by the police.

Starting at 5 pm, hundreds of people gathered in Edinburgh Square outside City Hall in
Central, chanting slogans such as '5 Demands, Not One Less' and 'Free Hong Kong,
Revolution of Our Times', and sang 'Glory to Hong Kong'.

People offered flowers, folded paper cranes and arranged them into heart shapes to
pay respect to those passed away for the movement.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
30 Dec 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Thousands Rally in Central for Freedom Undaunted by Rain

Faced with strong public opinion, the government has not made greater concessions to
the "5 Demands" of the people. The Hong Kong people's struggle has not ebb. They
continue to show their spirit of solidarity. Various protest activities are launched in various
districts, calling for support from the world. A letter of no objection was also issued today
for the 'Day and Night of Hong Kong Protesters' rally at Edinburgh Place in Central.

Beginning at 2 pm, thousands gathered in Edinburgh Place outside the City Hall in Central,
chanting slogans such as '5 Demands, Not One Less' and 'Free Hong Kong, Revolution of
Our Times', and continued to exert people's power. Protesters raised their umbrella
during the rally, undaunted by the constant rain. Someone raised a yellow umbrella
reading 'For Freedom, No Extradition Law.'

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
29 Dec 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Nearly $1.1 Billion in Police Overtime Allowance - 70% Surveyed Dissatisfied

A recent document submitted by the Security Bureau to the Finance Committee of the
Legislative Council disclosed that during the 6 months (June to November) of anti-extradition
protests, Police received overtime work and allowances totaling about $950 million.

The authorities further explained yesterday that the Police Force had issued a total of
about $135 million to police officers in the past six months. This allowance was $85
million and the meal allowance was $50 million, a total of nearly $1.1 billion, including
the previous overtime payment. Some members of the Democratic Party have
stressed that they are opposed to the increase in the police force. Commissioner
of Police Chris Tang Ping-keung should come to the Legislative Council to explain.

The latest survey by the Hong Kong Institute of Public Opinion shows that nearly 70% of
the respondents are not satisfied with the overtime work allowance paid to police officers.

Democratic Party Legislative Councillor James To said that the survey was shocking as it
was conducted in a relatively calm social environment. He believes that the main cause of
dissatisfaction among most citizens is the continuous abuse of power and force by the
police in the past few months, which endangers the safety of the public.

He quoted the recent case where hundreds of police were deployed to intercept students
at a sports meeting in Ma On Shan Stadium. He questioned whether that many police
were really needed in maintaining public order.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
28 Dec 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Enlightened Christmas Tree Lights up Central

The 18-metre geometric Christmas tree, an innovative and striking tree in Statue
Square, transforms continuously using sensors that absorb the colours of its
surroundings and the colour transitions of day and night.

The glittering Christmas tree and the festive lighting of the skyscrapers complement
each other, creating a strong festive atmosphere!

Part of WinterFest of Hong Kong, illuminated 5-11 pm till 1 January.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
27 Dec 2019

'Shop with You' on Xmas in 4 Districts - Over 100 Rally at Sogo

Netizens launched "Shop with You" on Christmas in 4 districts, including Sogo
Department Store in Causeway Bay, Harbour City in Tsimshatsui, Moko Mall in
Mong Kok and Tai Po Super City.

Shopping malls in Causeway Bay, which are crowded on holidays, are affected. More
than 100 people in black rallied in Sogo Department Store, calling for boycotts of
blue shops and asked stores to close earlier. Plainclothes police officers were on
the scene but did not take action.

At around 3:30 pm, some people in black waved the black flag of 'Free Hong Kong,
Revolution of Our Time' and led the crowd to chant slogans and sing 'Glory to Hong
Kong' in the various floors inside Sogo, suggesting customers not to patronise the
blue shops. Individual customers showed support the departed, but various shops
in Sogo continued operation as usual.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2019
26 Dec 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

'Free Hong Kong' - Black Christmas Light Projection at Tai Kwun

On Christmas Eve last night, citizens gathered in various shopping malls and streets. Police
fired tear gas rounds in Tsimshatsui and Mongkok to disperse and arrested many people.
A former British archbishop strongly condemned the police action and urged the British
  government to take concrete steps to protect Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy and
fundamental freedoms.

Around 6:30 tonight, a 'Black Christmas Light Projection Flashmob' at Tai Kwun was organised.
On the walls of the Prison Yard, compelling images of the anti-extradition protest rallies and
marches were projected, including images of the huge art works that had been displayed
on the Kwai Fong Lennon Wall. The projection lasted for about 20 minutes, attracting a
large number of people.

The most eye-catching images, included the ones on the Lennon Wall of the pedestrian
subway opposite Kwai Fong MTR station. With the reputation of 'Kwai Fong Lennon Art
Museum', it had shown several large-scale very high quality art works, which have been
damaged and removed. On October 31, a huge Halloween-themed art work appeared,
dominated by black and included many movie characters including Joker, The Nun, V
for Vendetta, etc. They held the banner of 'Free Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Time
and the slogan '5 Demands, Not One Less'. The image is scary lies in the evil monsters
depicted, including Carrie Lam, Xi Jinping, Junius Ho and so on.

On the same walls in early November, Berlin-based LiCHTPiRATEN, a team of creative
artists, commemorated the 30th anniversary of the Fall of Berlin Walls through an
immersive and engrossing light installation and projection mapping of the German
people's fight for democracy and freedom against the authoritarian government.

Tonight's "Black Christmas Light Projection" radiated similar vibes.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
25 Dec 2019

Xmas 'Sing with You' in 5 Districts as 'Glory' Song Resonates in Times Square

Netizens initiated a different Christmas Eve celebration and 'Sing with You' at shopping
malls in 5 districts, including Times Square in Causeway Bay, Harbour City in Tsim Sha
Tsui, Langham Place in Mongkok, New Town Plaza in Shatin and Yoho Mall in Yuen Long.

Since June, Hong Kong people have endured the scorching sun, passed the deep
autumn, and greeted the cold winter. Finally, Christmas is here. It should have
been celebrated all over the world, and the whole city should cheer.

But the citizens could not forget that more than 5,000 were arrested, countless
detained, countless riot charges, Alec Chow and Chan Yin-lam killed directly,
countless forced to commit suicide by the regime, and Spark Alliance is accused
of money laundering. Hong Kong people are furious and came out on Christmas
Eve tonight, jamming the shopping malls in 5 districts.

At 7 pm, hundreds of people gathered in Times Square in Causeway Bay. Some hung
a black flag reading 'Free Hong Kong, Revolution Now"' and chanted slogans such
as '5 Demands, Not One Less' and sang "Glory to Hong Kong".

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2019
24 Dec 2019

Thousands Rally in Central for International Attention on Spark Alliance

Police recently arrested four members of the 'Spark Alliance', a non-profit group that
provides support protesters for alleged money laundering, and frozen $70 million in
fund, causing dissatisfaction among some citizens. The public initiated a 'Sparking
the Free World Afire' rally at Edinburgh Place, Central, at 7 pm in support.

The rally was initiated by Sunny Cheung, spokesman for the delegation of international
affairs from the tertiary education community, and Fergus Leung, incoming Central
and Western District Councillor, and the Civil Rally Team. The rally was originally
scheduled to be held in Chater Garden, but was changed to Edinburgh Place at
the request of the police.

Ventus Lau, spokesman for the Civil Rally Team, said that the rally has been issued with
a letter of no objection from the police, calling on citizens to participate, condemning
the Hong Kong administration for violating the normal operation of the capitalist market,
and impacting the reputation of Hong Kong as an international financial centre,
arresting Spark Alliance members and freezing their assets without grounds.

At 7 pm, a crowd filled Edinburgh Place in Central with flags of many countries flying.
Someone erected a large 'Free HK' light panel. Thousands gathered calling for
international attention.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
23 Dec 2019

Thousands Rally in Central in Solidarity with Uyghur Human Rights

The United Nations and human rights groups estimate that millions of Uyghur Muslims
in Xinjiang are being detained. Recently, the Xinjiang issue has become an international
focus. On November 19, the European Parliament passed a resolution condemning the
Chinese government's restriction on the human rights and freedom of religious belief
of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, and welcomed the recent Xinjiang-related bill passed
by the US Congress. In Jakarta, Indonesia, there are demonstrations in solidarity
with Xinjiang Uyghurs outside the Chinese embassy.

Today, the 'Student Power' held a 'Rally for Uyghur Human Rights' at Edinburgh Place,
Central. Thousands of people gathered at 3:30 pm. The blue "Star and Moon" flag
flying in front of the stage symbolised support for the Uighurs. A banner read
'Xinjiang Today, Hong Kong Tomorrow'. Some people raised the British and
American flags and called for international support.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
22 Dec 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Silver Haired Rally in Central Against Political Remuneration

Today (21 December), the silver-haired seniors held a 'Name and Shame to End Political
Remuneration' rally at Edinburgh Place outside City Hall in Central. Based on recent report,
after the overwhelming victory by pan-Democrats in the November 24 district council
election, Carrie Lam plans to give public office to some unsuccessful candidates of
district elections as compensation, criticizing the move as political remuneration,
and said that if public institutions, etc, use political remuneration to appoint
unsuccessful candidates to the board or decision-making level or to grant
positions, they will initiate action to stop all donations and cooperation.

The rally was held from 1 pm to 5 pm, and a Letter of No Objection had been issued
by the police.

At 1 pm, the rally officially began, with over 100 people present. A spokesman for the
rally said that the pan-democrats won in 17 districts had already achieved the 'liberation
of the district councils' in the just-concluded district council elections. The next step is
the Legislative Council election. Then the declaration of the rally was read: if Chief
Executive Carrie Lam peovides public office to compensate for the lost candidates,
it would completely distort public opinion, political remuneration, and completely

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
21 Dec 2019

Largest Multi-District Flashmob - Piggie/Pepe Heads in Kwun Tong to Support Spark Alliance

Police called a high profile press conference yesterday, accusing the Spark Alliance, a
non-profit group that raises money to provide legal aid to arrested protesters, of
involving in "money laundering" activities, arrested three men and one woman, and
frozen $70 million in funds, but failed to provide specific money laundering evidence.
Barristers said that the money laundering allegation is outrageous.

Citizens have launched the largest ever 'Lunch with you' flashmob in Kwun Tong,
Central, Taikoo, Wong Chuk Hang, Kwai Chung, Kwai Fong, Cheung Sha Wan, San
Po Kong, and other districts today to support the Spark Alliance.

The network station 'Sing Jai' has previously recruited a group of volunteers and
produced over 100 fiberglass Pepe and Piggie masks which was used during the
protest march on 8 December. The sponsor, Lau Sai-leung, said: 'I hope to tell
the world with a humorous, confident, and relaxed manner that after half a year
of tyranny in Hong Kong, Hong Kong people are still united.' The Piggie and Pepe
are two cartoon characters that often appear on the Lennon Walls. They are the
most representative and recognizable resistance mascot. Many people wore these
masks today to participate in the flashmob protest in Kwun Tong.

Beginning at 1 pm, hundreds of citizens and office workers gathered outside the
Kwun Tong Chun Yip Street Playground and shouted, chanted '5 Demands, Not
One Less'. Many held up posters in support of the Spark Alliance. The crowd also
sang the protest song "Glory to Hong Kong", chanted slogans such as
'Disbanding the police without delay'.

Kwun Tong . Hong Kong | 2019
20 Dec 2019

Michael Chugani and Chip Tao on 'What Next for Hong Kong?'

Master Insight organised a seminar in Wanchai on 'What Next for Hong Kong?' last
night (18 December) to explore the results of the recent district council elections
with the unexpected overwhelming success of the pan-Democrats.

Michael Chugani, a senior journalist who has worked in news agencies in Britain, the
United States, Hong Kong and other places, a well-known TV current affairs host
and columnist, made in-depth analyses for the guests.

After the "Umbrella Movement" in 2014, he pointed out with great insight that Hong
Kong's independence is not feasible; today, with similar incisive views, he pointed
out the shortcomings of the Carrie Lam government administration, the disillusion
of the young protesters, and reveals where he thinks Hong Kong is heading.

Unless Carrie Lam summons the courage to tell her Beijing superiors to stop eroding
Hong Kong's autonomy, allowing genuine democratic elections and ending
widespread mainlandisation, the Hong Kong crisis could end in tragedy.

Carrie Lam and her bosses thought that the anger on the streets would eventually
dissipate, everything would return to normal? They are deluding themselves.

'Hong Kong's No. 1 Talent' Chip Tao as the guest host, of course, also shared his
brilliant commentaries. He pointed out that Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam
had lost the opportunity for reconciliation many times and should have resigned
long time ago as the root cause of the current crisis since June. The key to
resolution lies in Lam and her superior up north who initiated the fiasco.

Wanchai . Hong Kong | 2019
19 Dec 2019

People's Committee Building of Ho Chi Minh City

One of the most prominent landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City is the People's
Committee Building. Built between 1901 and 1908, the former Hotel de
Ville is a legacy of French colonial times. Unfortunately the ornate
interior is not open to the public.

In 2015, a statute of Ho Chi Minh (Uncle Ho), the revolutionary leader
who defeated the France and the US, was added to commemorate
his 125th birthday.

Ho Chi Minh City . Vietnam | 2019
18 Dec 2019

Mui Ne Fishing Village in Vietnam

Set at the northern end of Mui Ne Bay, the quaint fishing village offers a splendid
view of the expansive coastline lined with swaying palm trees and colourful
fishing boats moored on the water.

The best time to visit the fishing harbour is in the early morning when the
fishermen return from sea with their massive haul of live catch such as
crabs, scallops, groupers, and stingrays.

Mui Ne . Vietnam | 2019
17 Dec 2019

Fairy Spring of Mui Ne

The shallow stream (Suoi Tien) in Mui Ne flows through dramatic landscape of reds, whites, oranges
and pinks with green trees; plus interesting sand and rock formations.

It is an pleasant walk wading from the sea up the creek to the source, a spring.

Mui Ne . Vietnam | 2019
16 Dec 2019

Red Dunes of Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne is a pretty fishing village on the south coast of Vietnam, and is famous for its enormous
white dunes (doi cat trang) and red dunes (doi hong).

The Red Sand Dunes are the smaller of the two and located close to Mui Ne. These dunes are
of a rusty red/brown colour and are absolutely beautiful shortly after sunrise. Today, the moon
is still up in early morning.

A lady from Belgrade, Serbia enjoys a morning frolick at the dunes.

Mui Ne . Vietnam | 2019
15 Dec 2019

Mui Ne at Dusk in Vietnam

Mui Ne, about 200 km north of Ho Chi Minh City, is a traditional fishing village that is fast becoming
a tourist destination. Resorts have been rising along the coastline, though so far the lives of the
fishing communities remain largely unchanged.

Mui Ne's long beach, lined with palm trees, is quiet and serene, great for walks, jogging and
spectacular sunsets.

Steady creeps of coastal erosion is a major problem and some parts are completely devoid of sand.

Mui Ne . Vietnam | 2019
14 Dec 2019

Dalat Cathedral in Vietnam

Dalat Cathedral (Cathedral of St Nicholas Bari, also known as the Cock Church as on the top of the
47m high bell tower is a large cock) is catholic and the largest church in Dalat.

Built between 1931 and 1942 in Romanesque architecture, it's one of the oldest buildings left
by the French. The walls are decorated with 70 stained glass windows.

Dalat . Vietnam | 2019
13 Dec 2019

Hang Nga Crazy House in Dalat, Vietnam

A free-wheeling architectural exploration of surrealism, Hang Nga Crazy House is a fabulously designed
and outrageously artistic structure.

Imagine sculptured rooms connected by superslim bridges rising out of a tangle of greenery, an excess
of cascading lava-flow-like shapes, wild colours, spiderweb windows and an almost organic quality
to it all, with the swooping hand rails resembling jungle vines.

Think Gaudí meets Dali.

Dalat . Vietnam | 2019
12 Dec 2019

White Buddha of Long Son Pagoda in Nha Trang, Vietnam

At the top of the hill at Long Song Pagoda (Temple), founded in the late 19th century, is a massive white
statue of Buddha sitting atop a lotus blossom and can be seen from afar. There are 150 stone
steps to reach the top.

Thuy Nga, a is among many local and overseas visitors paying respect to the Buddha.

Long Son Pagoda, built in 1886, features stunning designs of mosaic dragons made with glass and
ceramic tiles while the main sanctuary is adorned with modern interpretations of traditional motifs.

Nha Trang . Vietnam | 2019
11 Dec 2019

Island Hopping off Nha Trang, Vietnam

The clear turquoise water in Nha Trang Bay offers great opportunities for island hopping boat trips.

Pretty Hon Mun Island (Ebony Island) is the most famous snorkeling and dive site. But visibility
is poor in Dec to Feb.

Hon Mun Island . Vietnam | 2019
10 Dec 2019

Vietnamese Ladies in Ao Dai

Three ladies clad in Ao Dai, the traditional national dress of Vietnam, a tight-fitting silk tunic worn
over trousers, in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

The word 'ao dai' was originally applied to the outfit worn at the court of the Nguyen Lords at Hue
in the 18th century.

Nha Trang . Vietnam | 2019
9 Dec 2019

108 Piggie/Pepe Heads Join Dec 8 March Flooding Hong Kong Island

The Civil Hunan Rights Front (CHRF) initiated the International Human Rights Day March
on Sunday on December 8. Massive crowd gathered at 2 pm, and started marching at
3 pm from Victoria Park to Chater Road.The Assembly has arranged 200 pickets. This
is the first time that the CHRF march has been approved since 21 July.

The network station 'Sing Jai' has previously recruited a group of volunteers, including
designers and professional craftsmen, and produced 108 fiberglass Pepe and Piggie
masks, to be used during the march. The sponsor, Lau Sai-leung, said: 'I hope to tell
the world with a humorous, confident, and relaxed manner that after half a year of
tyranny in Hong Kong, Hong Kong people still have not given up. They are still united
and confident to face the future. The Piggie and Pepe are two cartoon characters
that often appear on the Lennon Walls. They are the most representative and
recognizable resistance mascot. The 108 masks have different designs, they are
painted in different colour, and they symbolize people with a story behind each
one. I just want to attract the attention of foreign media during the parade and
tell the world one by one what we have experienced in this campaign.'

When all lanes outside Victoria Park (the starting point of the protest march) are
crowded with demonstrators, it is foreseen that this is another epic march for
democracy. This time it may exceed 1 million again. Tens of thousands joined
the march midway at Causeway Bay and Wanchai.

Wanchai . Hong Kong | 2019
8 Dec 2019

20,000 Rally in Central Against Excessive Tear Gas

Riot police fired more than 12,000 tear gas canisters during the recent protests. The smoke
poisoned most districts in the city. Many people experienced symptoms such as persistent
dyspnea and skin rash after exposure, and more worried about dioxin pollution caused by
tear gas, but the government has still refused to disclose the composition of tear gas.

Welfare minister Law Chi-kwong said that the level of carcinogenic dioxins resulting
from a police crowd-control weapon was minimal compared with that released
from barbecue activities and was widely challenged.

Last night, a 'Tear Gas Endangers Your Health Rally' was held at Edinburgh Place,
Central, inviting medical staff, scientific experts and others to speak, urging the
government to publicize the composition of tear gas and implement remedial
measures. 20,000 attended, according to organisers.

Masked members of the Citizens' Press Conference, a self-styled representative group
of protesters, said they had interviewed 17,000 people who were exposed to the smoke,
with up to 23 per cent claiming they suffered breathing problems, watery eyes and
skin irritation for a prolonged period; about 17% of the respondents reported skin
rash and other problems, up to 16% had abdominal pain or diarrhea, and about
5% had severe symptoms such as hemoptysis and bleeding.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
7 Dec 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Hundreds of Office Workers in Central Flashmob to Promote Dec 8 March

Netizens calls for continuing “Lunch with Us” flashmob in several districts such
as Central, Taikoo, Wong Chuk Hang, Kwai Chung, San Po Kong and Kwun Tong
calling on people to rally at lunch time to affirm the 5 demands and to ask
people to join the March on Dec 8, International Human Rights Day.

Starting at 12:45 pm, hundreds of people and office workers gathered in Pedder
Street and Des Voeux Road Central outside Landmark and chanted '5 Demands,
Not One Less'. Many people raised posters for the March on Dec 8.

The crowd also sang the protest anthem 'Glory to Hong Kong' and chanted slogans
such as 'Disbanding the police without delay' undaunted by the 3 police vans
full of riot police parked nearby.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
6 Dec 2019

Sunset at Gaomei Wetlands

Spanning over 300 hectares and located in Qing-shui near Taichung, Gaomei
Wetlands is one of the most well-preserved wetland habitats in Taiwan. It's
a protected environment that's home to a diverse array of plants and
animals like migrating birds, mud-skippers, and fiddler crabs.

Extending for 800 meters out into the wetlands is a curved boardwalk. In the
waning light of sunset, it's a dramatic sight with rippling water and a row of
slow-spinning wind turbines in the distance.

Taichung . Taiwan | 2019
5 Dec 2019

Abandoned Taichung: Qianyue Building Redevelopment Uncertain

Located near Taichung Railway Station, the 44-year-old Qianyue Building has large
department stores, restaurants, night clubs, and karaoke in the 1980s. Tourists
abound, but it was abandoned for many years after a fire in 2005. Most of the building
is now strewn with colorful graffiti spray-painted by various street artists.

The Taichung city government is nearing completion of the 'Xinsheng Green Waterway
Corridor', which will renovate a 610-meter irrigation canal to create a tourist attraction
and economically beneficial river bank. The authorities are wary to have an
abandoned Qianyue Building still standing on the riverfront.

However, there is still no consensus on the dispute between the landlord and the
building owner in retaining the shell or dismantling and rebuilding. The plans
had been changed several times and are still uncertain.

Taichung . Taiwan | 2019
4 Dec 2019

Abandoned Taichung: Qianyue Building

The Qianyue Building is one of the most well-known abandoned buildings in Taiwan. Located only a few minutes from
Taichung Station, it is astonishing to find it in the heart of central Taichung, the second largest city in Taiwan.

The 3-storey UFO-like tower at the  roof was once a Karaoke bar with a 360-degree panaramic view  of the city.
Most of the building is now splattered with colourful graffiti spray-painted by various street artists.

Over the years, many urban explorers have come to explore for free, and many curious people have come to
take pictures and post on social media. Recently, some so-called "artists" started to charge NT$100 for
admissions. Those who did not agree were driven away with a baseball bat. Suspected hooliganism.

This mixed-use commercial and residential high-rise was originally built in the 1970s. The place was a home to huge
department store, restaurants, night clubs, and karaoke around the 80s, but it didn't last long. By the 90s, majority
of the business owners have left, along with the residents. In 2005, a fire broke out in a dance club on the 7th
floor and that put an end to the commercial life of the building.

Taichung . Taiwan | 2019
3 Dec 2019

National Taichung Theatre

The National Taichung Theatre, designed by Japanese architect Ito Toyo, is the new landmark that the city
is proud of. Based on the “sound cave” concept, elements such as curved-wall units and air holes are
used to build this changed space. The result is a newfound building that stands on its own firmly
without supporting pillars or 90-degree walls.

The theatre is equipped with three professional performing venues which meet international standards:
Grand Theatre, Playhouse and Black Box. They can each be adapted to fit the needs of various
types of productions.

Taichung . Taiwan | 2019
2 Dec 2019

Mirror of the Sky at Taoyuan, Taiwan

Taoyuan Shulinzi Beach is located adjacent to Caota Dunes. As the sun sets,
the shallow water reflects like a mirror of the sky.

Taoyuan . Taiwan | 2019
1 Dec 2019

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