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  Heaven Earth Man Woman
  Solo Exhibition

  23 Steps Gallery | 2988 Mission | San Francisco
  Oct 3-17, 2006

  Retreat Salon and Spa | 2310 Homestead | Los Altos
  Nov 21 - Dec 30, 2006

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Discover exquisite images of people, landscape and architecture, in harmony and synergy with heaven and earth, captured by emerging photographer, P H Yang, during his wanderings around the globe.

Some say Yang has a knack for capturing the soul and the energy of the people, the location or the moment that lasts a lifetime.

Feast on dazzling images from exotic locale such as Burma (Myanmar), China, Cuba, Laos, Mexico, Tunisia, Vietnam including a selection from the San Francisco Bay Area.
Please note that images displayed on the Internet are of low resolution and cannot do justice to the quality of a professionally printed high resolution photograph. Go see the actual prints in all their glory.


Passers-by along the cobblestone street, outside the 17th Century Templo del Sagrario in the lakeside town of Patzcuaro in the former colonial region of Michoacan.
Patzcuaro · Mexico | 2005
16x20 inch (22x28 inch matted)

Heavenly Flight

One of the many birds that inhabit the plaza in front of the twin-towered Cathedral. Built in 1618, it is the most well known symbol of Guadalajara.
Guadarajara · Mexico | 2003
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)


5 year-old Alessia from Albania on a train from Rome to Montepulciano, her newly adopted home in the Tuscan wine region, while 10 year-old sister Francesca watches.
Train to Montepulciano · Italy | 2006
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)


A Tunisian woman emerges from her house to see why her children are making so much noise playing outside their house in Kairouan, the most holy Islamic city of Africa.
Kairouan · Tunisia | 2004
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)


A tattooed Arab man exudes a pervasive scent of jasmine as he sits comfortably watching the world go by.
Kairouan · Tunisia | 2004
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)


Chinese rice wine "Sanbai" (Three Whites - white glutinous rice, white flour or distiller's yeast, and white, meaning clean, water) is being fermented in wine jars in the water town of Wuzhen.
Wuzhen · Zhejiang · China | 2005
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)

Heavenly Spirals

Giant incense coils hanging from the ceiling of A-Ma (Matsu) Temple in Macau, Southern China. The temple houses Tin Hau, the Goddess of Heaven and the protector of fishermen and sailors.
Macau · China | 2002
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)


16 year-old novice monk, Phan, contemplates the meaning of life and his future on the day of his initiation into monkhood at Wat (Temple) Pa Phai with over 100 years of history.
Luang Prabang · Laos | 2003
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)

Color Burst

Bright red California poppies thrive in the midst of rainbow-colored flower beds of lavender, sunflowers, marigolds and daisies in summer in Furano, Hokkaido.
Hokkaido · Japan | 2005
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)


A Japanese girl creates giant bubbles from soapy water on the street in Nikko, a historical center of Shinto and Buddhist mountain worship, while her mother watches
Nikko · Japan | 2005
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)

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