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  Heaven Earth Man Woman
  Solo Exhibition

  23 Steps Gallery | 2988 Mission | San Francisco
  Oct 3-17, 2006

  Retreat Salon and Spa | 2310 Homestead | Los Altos
  Nov 21 - Dec 30, 2006

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Discover exquisite images of people, landscape and architecture, in harmony and synergy with heaven and earth, captured by emerging photographer, P H Yang, during his wanderings around the globe.

Some say Yang has a knack for capturing the soul and the energy of the people, the location or the moment that lasts a lifetime.

Feast on dazzling images from exotic locale such as Burma (Myanmar), China, Cuba, Laos, Mexico, Tunisia, Vietnam including a selection from the San Francisco Bay Area.
Please note that images displayed on the Internet are of low resolution and cannot do justice to the quality of a professionally printed high resolution photograph. Go see the actual prints in all their glory.

The Durian

Fast becoming the new icon for Singapore, the Eplanade - Theaters on the Bay - is its center for the performing arts. The locals call it "The Durian" for its resemblance to the hard spiky shell of the "king of fruits".
Marina Bay · Singapore | 2005
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)


The mood of the colorful bar in Forbidden City, an upscale Singapore night spot at Clarke Quay, for trendy locals to see and be seen.
Clarke Quay · Singapore | 2005
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)

Lone Tree

A Divi Divi, Aruba's national tree, perched on powdery white sand at the edge of the turquoise blue Caribbean sea. The Watapana (local name) never grows straight up due to the notoriously strong wind.
Eagle Beach · Aruba | 2004
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)

Fog Over Coquille River

Fog from the ocean spreads over the beach as the gentle Coquille River flows pass the lighthouse into the Pacific.
Bandon · Oregon · USA | 2004
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)

Golden Dunes

A surreal scene rich with grainy texture shot in a low-light early morning.
Ano Nuevo State Park · California · USA | 2004
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)


A sleepy elephant seal pup tries to recover from its favorite pastime.
Ano Nuevo State Park · California · USA | 2004
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)


Built in 1896, Pigeon Point Lighthouse (renovated in 1976) stands majestically on the scenic California Highway 1 along the Pacific Coast.
Pigeon Point · California · USA | 2004
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)

Let's Play

4 year-old Eleanor from Palo Alto frolics and rolls on the lawn with other neighborhood kids during one of the city's summer Twilight Concerts in the park.
Palo Alto · California · USA | 2006
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)

Homeless Connect

Homeless Jimmy Nelson has a moment before entering the Civic Auditorium during the one of Mayor Newsom's wildly successful Project Homeless Connect events. The program is now adopted by over 30 cities across the U.S.
San Francisco · California · USA | 2006
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)


Some of the 100,000 strong who marched in San Jose on May 1 to fight for the rights of undocumented migrants, brandishing a Mexican flag from home, joined to the hip of a flag of their adopted country.
San Jose · California · USA | 2006
11x14 inch (16x20 inch matted)

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