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  The Long and Winding Road
  Narrowing the Digital Divide in Rural China

  Solo Exhibition
  Documentary Photography on
  Computer-assisted Learning Project in Qinghai/Shaanxi, China
  by Rural Education Action Project (REAP) - Stanford University
  Atrium and Room C16
  Stanford Center, Peking University, Beijing, China
  21-30 March 2012

  Caring for Rural Kids        关怀农村弱势孩子
  Narrow the Digital Divide 缩小城乡数字鸿沟

  摄影故事 Photo Essay

   长路漫漫 The Long and Winding Road
   《科学新闻》 Science News Magazine
   中国科学院出版 Published by Chinese Academy of Sciences

   2012年4月 April 2012
   天下 The World | 8-9 页 Page 8-9

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