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I am really impressed. The images are clean and crisp with bold compositional elements and saturated colors that jump off the page. These are not quickie grab shots. Its evident that Mr Yang went to the trouble of working with his subjects, waiting for the right light, leveraging the situation...

Jeffery Luhn | Santa Cruz
Professional Photographer and Photography Instructor

Like everyone else, I simply am deeply impressed by your most splendid artistic and poetic cross-cultural imageries."

Dr Ming Chan | Palo Alto
Hoover Fellow | Stanford University

I was impressed by the photo of the person, running. This was well composed and exhibited a confidence the viewer can feel. The colors were also supportive of the motion and energy of this work.

Your portraits revealed lots of facial details that motivate viewers to step closer to the person depicted. Connection here was utmost.

All of your work displayed a hearty saturation of color and was very inviting.

Margaret-Ann Clemente | Palo Alto
Artist and Juror | Pacific Art League

A symphony of the countryside!

S M Tsui | Hong Kong
Retired Journalist

"Good presentation. High impact visuals motivate thoughtful reflection."

"Engaging imagery -- I look longer to see more. Technically crisp and professional. Consistent body of work."

Juried by Pacific Art League | Palo Alto

What a colorful and human showing... the world is a good place - thanks for the reminder.

Brad Newsham | San Francisco
World traveler and acclaimed author of "All the Right Places" and "Take Me with You"
[Finalist for WHSmith Travel Book of the Year 2003]

Your photos made me skip a heartbeat... They're gorgeous!

Stella Chow | Hong Kong
Investment Banker | J P Morgan

Superb images.

Frederic Hore | Montreal
Professional Photographer

My top 3 are "Heaven Earth Man", "Curious" and "Bewildered". All three plus all - most impressive.
More impressive the second round -- a real knock-out! [on his second visit]

Philip Hackett | San Francisco
Poet and SF Luminary (Mayor Gavin Newsom proclaimed Oct 25 to be Philip Hackett Day)

Great work! Most impressive! I love art but rarely buy photo. Cannot resist getting one of yours!

Lynnore | Drugstore Gallery | San Francisco

Absolutely loved the photos. My top 3 favorites are "Moon-lit Dunes", "Curious" and "Ponder". The Opening was a resounding success. I had so much fun listening to the stories... Congrats and Bravo!

Sau | Washington DC

A thrilling exhibit!

Leo and Adelaide | Photographer/MD and Playwright | New Jersey

Spectacular photos. Feels like I've been on a world tour. Thanks. It was delightful. P.S. Love the texture.

Shelly and Sean | San Francisco

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful trip around the world with beautiful images that touches my heart and soul. I feel like going through interesting journey with you when you capture those moments of lights and sounds, thoughts and images... This is just wonderful to see your interest can be shared with so many people through the special lens of your cameras and your eyes. I really love those pictures...

Brenda | Shanghai | China

I love your photos!

Angela | Red Poppy Art House | San Francisco

look what love has done to John
his clothes are ragged
the children make songs about him
they make songs about what love has done to John

Jim Wilson | Poet | San Francisco

I really enjoyed the variety of photographs. I also like the use of color in several pictures. My absolute favorite photo is of the Cuban woman with the red flowers in her hair - "Nostalgic". Great show.

Keri Nicole | San Diego

Beautiful photos! Your compositions are simplistic but wonderfully done! I especially like your "Lighthouse" photo ["Beacon"], the rows of red poppies ["Color Burst"] and the sand dunes shot on long exposure ["Golden Dunes"].

Tony | San Francisco

Wish I could be here longer! Impressive Photos!

Christine Yuen | Hong Kong

Great photos!

Fumi Tsukahara and Futaba Kaike | Tokyo | Japan

Wonder array of colorful photographs that strike a good balance between beautiful scenery and sincere human emotions. 3 favorite photos: "Passage", "Fog Over Coquille River" and "Golden Dunes".

Jun | Palo Alto

Wonderful!! Calmness, action, emotions and expressions all come across fully through the captured images. Wish we could be there to really feel them.

Eric and LL | Hong Kong

Wonderful, wonderful work, P H! Amazing how you capture the moment in your pictures. A true art.

Ed | San Francisco

Very good work - thank you.

Edward Brooks | Photographer | San Francisco

Love and enjoyed so many... Hm... "Moon-lit Dunes", "Heaven Eath Man", "How Ana Broke Both Arms"... I have to take home "Fog Over Coquille River".

Grace | Los Angeles

Thank you, PH, for sharing this moment. You said we had synergy, and I believe it... My life have been graced by knowing you. Favorite photograph: "Passage".

Mark Rosenmoss | 23 Steps Gallery | San Francisco

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