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  China in Transition:
    Economic Development, Migration, and Education
   279 Pages - including Images CD-ROM and Video DVD
   Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE)
   Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
   Stanford University

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China today is in the midst of sweeping changes. The economy is roaring ahead. Millions of rural families are uprooting themselves in search of better lives in the city. Traditional ways of living, working, and playing are transforming. This image of China often gives an impression of instability, confusion, extreme inequality, and despair, but in fact, every country that has developed—including the United States—has undergone a similar process.

China in Transition introduces students to modern China as a case study of economic development. What are the characteristics of the development process, and why does it occur? How is development experienced by the people who live through it, and how are their lives impacted? How do traditional cultural values—such as China’s emphasis on education—contribute to and/or evolve as a result of modernization? Students examine these questions and others as they investigate the roles that migration, urbanization, wealth, poverty, and education play in a country in transition.

Sample of Images Licensed to SPICE
(the cover image is an amalgamation of the first 2 images):

The following images are a sample of images that have been selected and licensed by Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE), for their publications.

Shanghai Skyline

Viewed from World Financial Center

Pudong · Shanghai · China | 2009

Dirtiest Work

40 year-old Migrant Liang Chengsou from Sichuan Works Underground

Beijing · China | 2008


After 3 years in Shahe, 14 year-old Liang Yang and her 8 year-old sister Xiu from Sichuan, yearn to visit the Forbidden City in Beijing, an hour but a world away.

Shahe (outside Beijing) · China | 2007

Homework Time

13 year-old deaf-mute students Chang Jingjing and Huo Xun do their homework using folding chairs as makeshift tables outside their Spartan home.

Shahe (outside Beijing) · China | 2007


The run-down environment of the slums for migrant workers outside Beijing. The appliances are recovered from garbage dumps for parts recycling.

Shahe (outside Beijing) · China | 2007

All images are available for licensing at very affordable rates. Please contact info@phyang.org

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